Kemper-Gunn House Goes On The Market

The Kemper-Gunn House has not yet been moved. But the landlords are looking for tenants — and first dibs go to local mom-and-pops or start-ups.

Specifically, David Adam Realty and Charter Realty are seeking Fairfield County or Connecticut companies with no more than 5 locations. They’re offering the historic 1890 property — to be moved from Church Lane across Elm Street, to the Baldwin parking lot — at 15% off market rates.

It’s available as retail, restaurant or office space.

This is a key development in the redevelopment of downtown Westport.  Interested parties should contact David Waldman (203-856-9674) or Dan Zelson (203-227-2922).

An artist's rendering of the Kemper-Gunn House, after it is moved to the Baldwin parking lot.

An artist’s rendering of the Kemper-Gunn House, after moving to the Baldwin lot.


9 responses to “Kemper-Gunn House Goes On The Market

  1. Morley Boyd

    Who would have thought we’d EVER read a story like this? Hats off to David Waldman and the Town of Westport for making this unique development possible.

  2. Very cool…makes me wish we were in retail! 😉

  3. Helen Garten

    On behalf of the Kemper-Gunn Advisory Group, which is representing the town in this project, I’m pleased to report that we are moving forward and that we hope to be able to present the details of the lease arrangement to the public and reviewing agencies in the next few weeks. We are very appreciative that David and his partners have agreed to reserve the rental spaces in this beautiful house for small businesses. Enhancing the variety and diversity of business offerings in our downtown is one of the key goals of the downtown planning process.

    Helen Garten
    Chair, Kemper-Gunn Advisory Group.

  4. don bergmann

    While this is far from a done deal, with some crucial details and approvals still needed, let’s acknowledge in addition to David Waldman and members of his team, i.e. Karen Johnson, Matt Mandell, RTM, Frances Henkels, HDC, Helen Garten and Jim Marpe, you all know them, Rich Kotchko, Town Purchasing, Morley Boyd, Historic guru, the various Town bodies that have managed to work their way through numerous issues and yours truly, Don Bergmann. I was the guy who walked out of meetings to make my points. Don Bergmann

  5. Sandy Soennichsen

    Is that the actual location of the house? I thought it was going to be down the hill a bit, closer to the church?

  6. Morley Boyd

    Don, thanks. Guess it really does take a village.
    On an unrelated note, here’s a little PSA for all you 18 hour town urbanistas out there: unlike a certain idea that has been discussed of late, this is one that actually respects the “small” in “small town character”.

  7. Susan Huppi

    New incarnation of the ice cream parlor-or Remarkable Book store/tearoom?

  8. Matthew Mandell

    Yes, that is the location, the driveway is the entrance to the parking lot and then the church property next to that. So it is as close as possible to the church.

    NOW – we need your help. Please get the word out to any and all small local businesses that there is an opportunity to locate their business to Elm in Kemper Gunn. I am not talking a biz already in Westport elsewhere, but something new. Thanks for the support.

  9. Jamie Walsh

    Once again, David Waldman, stepped up to the plate and should be congratulated for his commitment, hard work and financial resources that he and his partners have made towards turning this idea into a reality. Many people talk the talk…but David…walks the walk! Great job and thank you!