Don’t Take Our Rock!

Alert “06880” reader (and nearby resident) Stephen Rubin writes:

Thanks to the continuing efforts of the Westport Housing Authority, the old trailer park on Post Road East will at long last be replaced with townhouse-style housing.

The long-anticipated new Sasco Creek Housing construction will be similar to the adjacent Hidden Brook homes. These plans will add affordable housing. and improve the entire neighborhood.

However, a price of this project is the loss of the big old rock that kids have played on, used for sunbathing, done homework on and decorated for holidays for decades.

Everyone realizes that the rock must go, but the kids posted a last fruitless plea to keep it. Sorry, but “King of the Mountain” will now be played elsewhere. That’s the cost of progress!



7 responses to “Don’t Take Our Rock!

  1. Mary Maynard

    There HAS to be a place for the Rock. Maybe not where it is now, but somewhere in the new/old trailer park. PROGRESS must learn not to be so impersonal,

  2. Jill Odice

    Really! It is such a small thing that would make so many folks happy…

  3. Bart Shuldman

    Really? Cost of progress? Changing a trailer park to two houses and someone is worrying about a rock? How about a thank you. What’s next? Trying to hold onto a piece of turf?

    Have we lost our priorities? I guess the word humble and gratious has left


  4. Stephen Rubin

    Take it easy Bart. Calm down. I am sure everyone getting a new home here will be very appreciative and “thank you” will be the first words out of their mouths. We are talking about a rock that scores of children grew up with over many years but nobody is placing it first and as said, realizes it will go. Just a comment and not a typical Westport NIMBY complaint. Priorities are set and all is well … no reason to get excited … Let’s save the excitement for the real important stuff.

  5. Let the rock stay! Wilmette, IL has a special rock – it is actually owned by whoever resides in the house but its on a well-traveled street and tradition is to re-paint the rock to celebrate a season or special event. Was always fun to run past it.

  6. Holly Wheeler

    This seems like a no-brained. Can’t the rock simply be moved? Or moved out of the way during construction, and replaced in a similar area afterward?

  7. Nick Thiemann

    I’m amazed that htere is no committee fighting to relocate a doublewide trailer from the old park as a symbol of things past. Do we deny these trailers as part of our heritage?