Dumping On The Dump

Alert “06880” reader/frequent transfer station visitor Terry Brannigan writes:

We all know that the “transfer station” is the heart and soul of this town. As part of my social ambition, I try to get there on a regular basis. The other day I was dropping off trash from my parents’ house. Once again I was confounded by the rules.

Why is it that Westport taxpayers have to hump our heavy (and hopefully well separated) trash by hand to the side entrance and throw it over the wall, but commercial waste collectors and random contractors get to drive up to the hopper and empty their trucks?

I have a feeling town taxpayers are just as capable of driving up, dumping their trash and not falling in as the commercial truck drivers, landscapers, remodelers and other service professionals. Heck, we managed to make it to Westport.  

At the dump.

At the dump.

This is a critical issue for the “06880” nation to solve.  Remember the old transfer station by police headquarters? That crusher looked like a mechanical monster, yet we could drive up and dump. I don’t recall anyone ever falling into that hopper.  

It drives me nuts watching the guys who get paid to collect trash (in trucks often with non-Westport logos) drive up, while the people who pay them (and the taxes of the town) schlep heavy bags and boxes over to the great wall and hoist them over by hand.

What are your thoughts on the transfer station? Any suggestions? Click “Comments” — and please, use your full, real name.

14 responses to “Dumping On The Dump

  1. Jamie Walsh

    Last fall, I planned a dump run on a Friday and loaded up the car. My in-laws were coming over for the weekend and we normally do the driving. It turns out the train was almost 30 minutes late so now it was cutting it close before the dump closed. The car was packed..not a single piece of real estate…left anywhere….. I show up a minute late….one of the regular guys was closing up the gate…not yet chained, or locked. I explained my plight and the need to, next clean the vehicle up…in order to drive the in-laws around. He said sorry were closed…those are the rules. I said but what about that guy still unloading his car… His answer… Well, he was here on time. I was steaming…and thought…. Really, no good will… Back in the day…. Any public works employee would have said…” Yeah bring it on in and do ya need a hand”. I yearn for the days of civility, and a little common sense that an acts as a kind gesture and a little understanding. Hey, guys at the transfer station…maybe next time? I’ll thank you in advance!

  2. Nancy Vener

    What would really be nice is to have a small area at the transfer station
    For items in good condition that someone else might use like books or
    Furniture or toys in good condition. Wellesley, Ma has one and people
    leave something or take something at no cost. There’s still plenty left for tag sales and Good Will.

    • Nancy,
      There is a spot inside the building on the left side. I leave many things that are no longer useful to me, but might be to others. Many times either my things are picked up before I even leave, or people have asked me if they can have my things if they help me unload. One person’s trash…

    • Jo Shields Dickison

      Newcomers to Duxbury MA wonder where the mall is they’ve heard about… There are shopping malls in two adjoining towns, but none in Duxbury. That’s what the recycling center there is informally called: “The Duxbury Mall”. Residents leave things suited for reuse or repurposing, and the name has stuck.

  3. Mary Ann West

    My understanding regarding the commercial trucks is they pay for the privilege of driving up, backing in & dumping.

    I guess I haven’t had the negative dump experiences others seem to have had, other than some of the parking challenged would have Dan running away with his hands up. The few times I’ve had heavy or bulky items either one of the guys or even a parked resident has helped me get whatever it is over to the correct place. Although I continue to be amazed how many throw in their recyclables away in plastic bags, despite numerous signs to the contrary.

    But then this is Westport and someone is paid to weed through our stuff and dispose of it properly.

  4. Rose Jordan

    Is it really such a problem to bring items to the wall and throw them over? Most of the time, someone will lend a helping hand. And, I have always found the staff at the transfer station to be very friendly and helpful. Actually, I think they are the unsung heroes of our town as I have mentioned to you, Dan, in the past. They deserve our thanks.

  5. Don Willmott

    After making many visits to the transfer station last year I was left wondering if there is anything at all that prevents anyone from any town using it? I don’t recall ever seeing any kind of car check or security…..

  6. Jack Whittle

    Actually, I am always impressed with how kind and helpful the workers are at the transfer station, they always offer to help unload my stuff. As for the commercial vehicles / trucks, etc – they get weighed and pay for the privilege; Westport residents are supposed to display a “W” sticker on their tailgate to demonstrate their residency.

  7. Jamie Walsh

    Jack, maybe you can put in a good word for me!

    • Jack Whittle

      Maybe I’ve just perfected the helpless look Jamie; but tell them you’re a friend of Jack’s next time and see if that helps (definitely not)

  8. Sandy Soennichsen

    Well Jamie, there are rules, and if you’re late, you’re late, sorry. They make an exception for you the next guy wants the same treatment. Go to the dump a day earlier next time.

    But as for using the side where the professionals dump…….the way people drive and park in this town, do we really want to allow them to back in to a big hole that has no barriers? They’d be pulling cars out every hour. Watch the people park at the dump next time: they run over the markers, they can’t put their car between two white lines, and you want to allow them access to the non-walled side. Good God man!

  9. Jamie Walsh

    Jack…You are one of the most capable guys I have met in Westport and you ride a nice bike!….. But not to the transfer station! Sandy…your right…rules are rules but some rules and situation require a little understanding which goes along way in “pay forwards”. The train was legitimately late… If I could of gotten off and pushed it to Westport I would have made a legitimate attempt….but….rules are rules… However, I got to the transfer station within +- 1 minute of closing. And unfortunately the situation did not allow me to go the day before as the work was not completed. I am a slow carpenter!

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Sounds like you guys need to build a castle in the sand.

  11. Patrick Monks

    This is just like in Fairfield. I would love to be able to backup my car and dump my trash.