Don Bergmann Resigns From RTM

Don Bergmann — a longtime Westport volunteer, who as an RTM member was never afraid to voice his opinion (and back it up with facts) — has resigned from that body. He sent this letter today to his District 1 constituents:

I have resigned as one of your representatives on the Westport Representative Town Meeting.  If anyone would like to read the letter of resignation I sent to RTM moderator Eileen Flug, please email me:

Suffice it to say for this communication, I have concluded that I can be more effective in addressing town, District 1 and constituent issues as a private citizen.  

Don Bergmann

Don Bergmann

The major factor underlying my conclusion involves a neighborhood matter which, by reason of the reaction and advice given to me with respect to my conduct, I concluded that I would be uncomfortable in addressing that and similar matters as a member of the RTM. 

I will continue to be engaged in town and citizen issues, but as a private citizen.  That engagement will include District 1 concerns when asked, or on my own initiative. Some examples are the Compo Beach Improvement Committee efforts, a petition for a speed hump on Harbor Road, and planning and zoning activities, including actions of the Zoning Board of Appeals that trouble me. 

I also hope to contribute to the Downtown Steering Committee efforts, to promote and improve our parklands and, most dramatically at the moment, to prevent the siting of a 120-foot cell tower at 92 Greens Farms Road. I expect also to express my concerns with our superintendent of schools and Board of Education.

Thanks to all.

Don Bergmann, Former RTM member, District 1

7 responses to “Don Bergmann Resigns From RTM

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Let me be the first to say thanks to Don for all his hard work and commitment to the Town. I for one wish he had not resigned, but it’s his call. I can only hope that he will be as effective from outside gov’t as he believes. I am sure I will still be seeing him at the podium in the future.

    Good luck and thanks Don!!!!!

    Matthew Mandell
    RTM D1

  2. I second Matt. Thank you, Don, for all you’ve done to help the town and your district. I know you’ll still be very involved in town matters and will still do your best to affect positive change.
    All the best to you, my friend!

  3. Catherine Calise RTM D2

    It has been a pleasure serving with you Don! I know you have the best interests of Westport at heart. I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

  4. Roland Lochoff

    You may not agree with Don, but he took a stand. Moreover, on analysis the stand was based on principals that are consistent.

    I interpret the resignation as further evidence that Milquetoast acquiescence is the preferred mode of political leadership in Westport. Muddle on!

  5. Morley Boyd

    Thank you Don, truly, for all your selfless work on behalf of our community through the years . See you around the campus, old friend.

  6. Tom Feeley

    Ya gotta read his resignation letter. Don’t know zilch about his neighborhood issues, but most of his comments on the RTM, Town politics, and some of the players are dead on. What a shame.
    Thanks for your service, Don.
    Deja Vu all over again 🙂

  7. don bergmann

    I am of course pleased with the “06880” responses and also for the introductory commentary provided by Dan Woog. I was also pleased to forward my resignation letter to those many of you who asked for it. I consider it a public document.
    Now, get those e mails into our First Selectman asking him to work hard to prevent a Cell Tower at 92 Greens Farms Rd. Note also that our P&Z regs. specifically provide for Cell Towers only in non residential zones. This reg. is preempted by the Federal law, but it is an important statement of the position of Westport as to Cell Towers. All should refer to that fact when you send your e mails to The issue is not cell phones versus no cell phones, it is Cell Towers in zones that Westport has declared to be unacceptable.
    Don Bergmann