Boni Is Back Baking

First Rick Dickinson joined Peter’s Market in Weston.

Now Boni Wright is headed there too.

Which means that — starting Monday — the popular Great Cakes bakers will be back together. Just a few miles north.

The response to Rick has been tremendous. Boni’s return should be just as joyful.

Rick said earlier this week that a number of former Great Cakes customers from Westport have started coming to Peter’s now. At the same time, he didn’t realize how many Great Cakes folks actually live in Weston.

There’s only 1 word to use: Challah-lujah!

Bonnie and Rick, together again.

Bonnie and Rick, together again.

6 responses to “Boni Is Back Baking



  2. Ilene Mirkine

    Thanks, Dan, for always being up on the latest and greatest! ‘So glad to hear this!

  3. Sandy Soennichsen

    Rumor has it that since the owner of Peter’s market in Weston bought the Lunchbox, that those two will be running it.

  4. Sheree Purcell

    That’s awesome news! So happy for Rick & Bonnie. And very happy I will have my favorite raspberry mousse cake this year for my birthday too!

  5. Bart Shuldman

    See you soon Rick and Boni. And another great example of the free market working. Great product and great people find the opportunities. Wish more would understand it.

  6. Monika Lazaro

    Wonderful news. They were one of the few in town to offer real gluten free treats, which are sorely missed by our celiac kids. ‘will be driving to Weston soon!