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Boni Is Back Baking

First Rick Dickinson joined Peter’s Market in Weston.

Now Boni Wright is headed there too.

Which means that — starting Monday — the popular Great Cakes bakers will be back together. Just a few miles north.

The response to Rick has been tremendous. Boni’s return should be just as joyful.

Rick said earlier this week that a number of former Great Cakes customers from Westport have started coming to Peter’s now. At the same time, he didn’t realize how many Great Cakes folks actually live in Weston.

There’s only 1 word to use: Challah-lujah!

Bonnie and Rick, together again.

Bonnie and Rick, together again.

Boni’s Back!

In just 6 weeks, Java has become a major player in Westport.

Now the Church Lane coffee shop has upped its game another notch.

Boni Wright — the beloved baker who made magic for generations of Great Cakes customers — is joining Java.

“Come try our fresh pastries baked in house every morning!” trumpeted the downtown hot spot on its Facebook page today. Within 2 hours, it had 20 “likes.”

There’s much more love ahead, as Boni’s many fans flock to say hi — and scarf down her scones — at her new store.

The incomparable Boni Wright.

The incomparable Boni Wright.

(Hat tip for the news tip to Johanna Rossi.)

The town’s most popular baker joins Java

Great Cakes: The Final Day

A few minutes ago, Great Cakes ended a 32-year run as Westport’s go-to bakery.

Owner Rick Dickinson had all hands on deck, including his sons. Rick and longtime baker Boni Wright hugged, cried with and said goodbye to hundreds of longtime customers.

At the same time, there were cupcakes to sell, cakes to be picked up, questions about ingredients to be answered.

It was a typical Great Cakes day.

And one that will never happen again.

In the back, baker Boni Wright decorated her last Super Bowl cake...

In the back, baker Boni Wright decorated her last Super Bowl cake…

...customers thronged the front.

…while customers thronged the front.

Counter help included Boni, and owner Rick Dickinson's sons.

Counter help included Boni, and owner Rick Dickinson’s sons.

Handmade signs said it all.

Handwritten signs said it all.