Boni’s Back!

In just 6 weeks, Java has become a major player in Westport.

Now the Church Lane coffee shop has upped its game another notch.

Boni Wright — the beloved baker who made magic for generations of Great Cakes customers — is joining Java.

“Come try our fresh pastries baked in house every morning!” trumpeted the downtown hot spot on its Facebook page today. Within 2 hours, it had 20 “likes.”

There’s much more love ahead, as Boni’s many fans flock to say hi — and scarf down her scones — at her new store.

The incomparable Boni Wright.

The incomparable Boni Wright.

(Hat tip for the news tip to Johanna Rossi.)

The town’s most popular baker joins Java

7 responses to “Boni’s Back!

  1. nancy wilson

    Had just gotten over mourning my morning scone! Kudos to Java for hiring Boni! Will be over there tomorrow am!

  2. Another reason to visit Java!

  3. Ilene Mirkine

    This is such exciting news! ‘So glad for Boni, and of course, now we get to see her and eat her delicious goodies! See you soon Boni!

  4. Aracelli Cetina

    FYI your much beloved coffee gig in WP.

  5. robin scarella


  6. Bart Shuldman

    Can’t wait to get back to Westport and have my favorite raisin scone. No more withdrawal and no more defrosting the ones we stocked in the freezer.

    JAVA you are the best.

  7. Pam Einarsen

    So wonderful–Boni is great and so excited she is still in Westport and still creating! And she and I share the same birthday!