Contrails Or Chemtrails?

After reading this post, you may never look at the Westport sky the same way again.

A Westporter who asked to be called Emma sent me a link to GeoEngineeringWatch. At first glance, the website seems a bit tinfoil hat-ish.

While everyone* understands that our planet is under assault in an astonishing number of man-made ways, this goes further.

The site claims that because of geo-engineering — the artificial modification of earth’s climate systems — “there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER” anymore. It describes engineered snowstorms that contain elements of “entomological warfare,” and the like.

A long, dry video picks up the doomsday theme.

If your browser does not take you directly to the video, click here.

But part of the video — you have to be patient to find it — dealt with “chemtrailing.” In Emma’s words, “they” (she does not say “who”) “are spraying our sky with aluminum, barium and other chemicals to change the weather.”

There’s pages of technical stuff on the website, but one photo caught Emma’s eye:


She realized she’d seen the same “artificial” cloud formations right here in Westport.

Emma sent me photos she took in early March. Here’s a shot near the Toyota dealer, on the Post Road:

Chemtrails 1 - by Toyota

This one, Emma says, shows the aftermath of spraying:

Chemtrails 2 - after spraying

The days started out with “a gorgeous clear blue sky,” Emma writes. “Then the spraying begins.” After 4-5 hours, the sky turns to “this murky, translucent cover. Not a normal cloud formation, but a hazy glow.”

Now, Emma notes, “I see these grid-like chemtrails on a regular basis.”

She encourages Westporters to “see and judge for yourselves.” Online, she says, you can find similar photos from all over the world. Just google “Geoengineering,” “Chemtrailing” and “Solar Radiation Management.”

If you’d like to contact Emma directly, her email is

PS: In between the time I wrote this story, and the time I posted it, I saw what may be chemtrails myself. Yesterday afternoon around 1:30, I happened to glance at the sky. It looked like this:

Chemtrails 3 - DW 3-11-14

Click here if your browser does not take you directly to YouTube.

*with an ounce of intelligence

23 responses to “Contrails Or Chemtrails?

  1. Check your calendar, Dan. It isn’t April 1st yet!

  2. What does FAA say about this?

  3. Oh, please. If “chemtrails” were anything but the fever dreams of conspiracy enthusiasts, SOMEBODY among the vast operation making the chemicals, transporting them to airports around the world, and loading them each day into hundreds of passenger jets long since would have spilled the beans.

  4. Jack Whittle

    If you’re going to devote space on this website for long-winded claims that commercial airlines (they are the ones responsible for the contrails in the sky) are actually flying specific routes at specific times and spraying a special batch of chemicals, ALL done with the intention of modifying the weather (vs. flying specific routes, at specific times, based solely on the airlines’ scheduling needs, and operating their aircraft and engines in the most fuel-efficient way possible without accommodating the desire to spew a special batch of chemicals, since fuel is their #1 expense), I’ve got a few suggestions for future stories:

    – Loch Ness Monster
    – Bigfoot
    – Easter Bunny
    – Unicorns, preferably in rainbow colors

    I’m quite sure I’ve missed a few stories that would deserve some supportive mention 🙂

  5. Slow news day?

    I think the story could have done with a few more ‘*’ to support internal editorializing. I mean, the fact that you’ve chosen to run this story at all seems to counter your ability to sarcastically suggest that anyone who denies that “planet is under assault in an astonishing number of man-made ways” lacks an “ounce of intelligence.”

    I would courteously suggest that my hopeful supposition that you’ve published this blog entry with tongue-firmly-lodged-in-cheek does not clearly come across in the text…


    (at the risk of going against Abe Lincoln’s advice of being thought the fool and then removing all doubt) I have been laughing at all of these theories for years.. just watched that (much too long) video… and searched these two links and there are many more. Should we say it together?

    “ruh roh”

  7. Sal Gilbertie

    Kudos for the article on “chemtrails.” There are many who doubt the existence of chemtrails, but the proper term is actually aerosol spraying, which is done for many reasons from simple cloud seeding to actual geo-engineering of weather. The US Military, led by the Air Force, is actively testing weather modification systems for a variety of uses. Because international treaties prohibit the use of weather as a weapon of war, the military can only experiment with weather modification on its own territory and that of its allies. Without push-back from the civilian population, there will continue to be weather modification program testing and unfortunately, here in Connecticut we are in an active weather corridor, which is very conducive to weather modification activities and testing. This is why we are subject to intense aerosol spraying, especially just before and after weather systems move through. All one has to do is look up at the sky and pay attention – puffy, high clouds are real clouds formed naturally, but the flat, thin, white-coppery opaque haze that spreads from very high altitude planes criss-crossing the skies is the result of weather modification. Anyone can note the lack of blue skies lately and the huge number of hazy-white days, usually a hallmark of hot, humid late summer days in New England, but now quite common, even in winter when skies are generally bright blue. Those interested in learning more can go to or to (that one is an “Amber Alert” for the skies). Since the military is mum on its activities, the closest one can come to official recognition that these programs are being developed can be found in an article on the Air Force website through this link:
    I encourage everyone to keep an open mind and to look upward at the skies, be aware of nature, and call your Congressman, Senator, or the Governor’s office with your concerns.
    Sal Gilbertie

    • yes to open minds and awareness. Some past government employees are bravely speaking out on this issue / health concern. Thanks for your post, Sal.

  8. Tony Masiello

    There was a legit scientific study of the possible effects of contrails on temperatures after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The conclusion was that contrails cause a less dynamic range of temperatures. Slightly less cooling during the night, and slightly less warming during the day.

  9. Your ending Utube link from 1965 was excellent. BUT !!!
    Did you really mean to suggest that the ROLLING STONES are responsible for the earth’s cloud polution ?
    I think you’ve gone off the deep end on this one, Dan 😉

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Strange. These particular cloud formations are so similar to the title photo for this blog.

    • Sal Gilbertie

      It’s good that you noticed. There are no cloud formations pictured on the blog. It is indeed strange for those of us who are watching the skies and attuned to nature, but all pictures above are of artificial aerosol haze put there intentionally by US Air Force planes. Just look up and keep watching, you will soon begin to tell the difference between actual natural clouds and artificial haze. Pay special attention in the mornings on days that are predicted to be “high pressure, blue sky days” and you will see what is obvious to anyone looking skyward. Ask any farmer, or just ask any weatherman – off the record, of course.

  11. look closely at the letters formed by the contrails:
    LMAO 😉

  12. You have to be kidding me, Chemtrails is the most absurd Conspiracy theory in history. Think every airline is just going to have some sort of aerosol dispersion mechanism installed on their planes. Let alone carry along tons of extra weight ?

    Have these people never been on an airliner and looked out the window?

    The only chemical in the contrails is the exhaust of the engines.
    Now we can debate on how healthy it is to burn fossil fuels in the atmosphere. But to think the Government is secretly spreading chemicals is just too ridiculous.

    I can’t even. to think people like that are in this town. I get in toothless backwoods Mississippi or some other swamp town, but here? Hell in a hand basket.

  13. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “Emma”. What’s a good acronym?
    Environmentally Misinformed Misfits Association?

  14. Sal Gilbertie

    Thanks for the kind words and for realizing what is happening in the sky. And thanks very much for supporting my family’s garden center (but it’s not mine – it’s my father’s. He and I share the name, but I’m just a commodities guy.) Working together we can all get the aerosol spraying under control if we keep the pressure on the politicians and the press and keep spreading the word any way we can – people will notice. All one has to do is point out the activities to them and they will see for themselves. Feel free to contact me directly if you wish. Best, Sal