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Contrails Or Chemtrails?

After reading this post, you may never look at the Westport sky the same way again.

A Westporter who asked to be called Emma sent me a link to GeoEngineeringWatch. At first glance, the website seems a bit tinfoil hat-ish.

While everyone* understands that our planet is under assault in an astonishing number of man-made ways, this goes further.

The site claims that because of geo-engineering — the artificial modification of earth’s climate systems — “there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER” anymore. It describes engineered snowstorms that contain elements of “entomological warfare,” and the like.

A long, dry video picks up the doomsday theme.

If your browser does not take you directly to the video, click here.

But part of the video — you have to be patient to find it — dealt with “chemtrailing.” In Emma’s words, “they” (she does not say “who”) “are spraying our sky with aluminum, barium and other chemicals to change the weather.”

There’s pages of technical stuff on the website, but one photo caught Emma’s eye:

She realized she’d seen the same “artificial” cloud formations right here in Westport.

Emma sent me photos she took in early March. Here’s a shot near the Toyota dealer, on the Post Road:

This one, Emma says, shows the aftermath of spraying:

The days started out with “a gorgeous clear blue sky,” Emma writes. “Then the spraying begins.” After 4-5 hours, the sky turns to “this murky, translucent cover. Not a normal cloud formation, but a hazy glow.”

Now, Emma notes, “I see these grid-like chemtrails on a regular basis.”

She encourages Westporters to “see and judge for yourselves.” Online, she says, you can find similar photos from all over the world. Just google “Geoengineering,” “Chemtrailing” and “Solar Radiation Management.”

If you’d like to contact Emma directly, her email is

PS: In between the time I wrote this story, and the time I posted it, I saw what may be chemtrails myself. Yesterday afternoon around 1:30, I happened to glance at the sky. It looked like this:

Click here if your browser does not take you directly to YouTube.

*with an ounce of intelligence

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