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Dumping On The Dump

Alert “06880” reader/frequent transfer station visitor Terry Brannigan writes:

We all know that the “transfer station” is the heart and soul of this town. As part of my social ambition, I try to get there on a regular basis. The other day I was dropping off trash from my parents’ house. Once again I was confounded by the rules.

Why is it that Westport taxpayers have to hump our heavy (and hopefully well separated) trash by hand to the side entrance and throw it over the wall, but commercial waste collectors and random contractors get to drive up to the hopper and empty their trucks?

I have a feeling town taxpayers are just as capable of driving up, dumping their trash and not falling in as the commercial truck drivers, landscapers, remodelers and other service professionals. Heck, we managed to make it to Westport.  

At the dump.

At the dump.

This is a critical issue for the “06880” nation to solve.  Remember the old transfer station by police headquarters? That crusher looked like a mechanical monster, yet we could drive up and dump. I don’t recall anyone ever falling into that hopper.  

It drives me nuts watching the guys who get paid to collect trash (in trucks often with non-Westport logos) drive up, while the people who pay them (and the taxes of the town) schlep heavy bags and boxes over to the great wall and hoist them over by hand.

What are your thoughts on the transfer station? Any suggestions? Click “Comments” — and please, use your full, real name.

Power To The “06880” People

Alert, loyal and very generous “06880” reader Terry Brannigan writes:

I can’t believe I’m just thinking of this now, but if any of your readers are without power and need a place to go, we have plenty of room.

How’s that for a spectacular offer?  First come, first served: terence.brannigan@gartner.com.