Peter’s Market Welcomes Rick Dickinson

Cupcake, cookie and challah lovers, rejoice! Your long Westport-Weston nightmare is over.

Two months after closing Great Cakes, owner Rick Dickinson is back. He’s joined Peter’s Market in Weston, where he’ll draw thousands of devoted customers, while adding a much-needed bakery to our cake-deprived northern neighbor.

Westporters just found a good reason to head to Weston.

Westporters just found a good reason to head to Weston.

The job offer came quickly last week, after a frustrating job search. When a long-time former customer heard that Rick was still looking, she called Peter’s owner Jim Magee.

Jim and Rick met for an hour. Jim made a couple of calls. He learned that hiring the popular baker was a no-brainer.

For the past few days, Rick has been greeting surprised — and delighted — former Great Cakes friends.

At Peter’s, he’s starting pretty much from scratch (ho ho). The mixer and other equipment is not like his old space, but that will change.

Rick Dickinson, and his great Great Cakes goods.

Rick Dickinson, and his great Great Cakes goods.

Right now Rick is making cookies and cupcakes. Cakes will follow.

On Friday he’ll bake the first loaves of his famous challah. It’s sure to go quickly.

Peter’s is a win-win-win: for Rick, Jim, and everyone who loves great baked goods.

Plus, Rick shaves 10 minutes off his former long commute from New Milford. For those of us in 06880, it’s a quick 10 minutes to 06883.

And well worth the trip.

14 responses to “Peter’s Market Welcomes Rick Dickinson

  1. robin scarella

    Hallelujah!!!!!!! Am so so glad for Rick!!! and the market.

  2. Chip Stephens

    Good Luck Rick and Thank you Jim and all the Magees.
    Two small businesses that left Westport and are both sadly missed. The Bridge Market has left a hole in all of the Saugatuck area since its departure, and Great Cakes is missed by all who drive by in the AM looking longingly for Ricks fare.
    Good luck all, congrats Weston, c’est la vie Westport

  3. Michael Calise

    Congratulations and good luck Rick

  4. Sweet news, Jim and Rick… and nice to see Weston in “the mix,” Dan!

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Wonderful news. Hopefully the scones will be available soon too.

    Maybe Weston will allow cupcakes at school. Westports decision clearly hurt Rick.

  6. Jeff Wieser, Homes with Hope

    Not only is Jim Magee now providing access to Rick’s mainstay cookies and cupcakes, Jim continues to provide generous quantities of food to the folks at our Gillespie Center, almost daily. A guy with a good mind for business, and a huge heart to go with it. Thanks Jim !!

  7. Dana Mccreesh

    actually Friday’s challah may not go quickly as Passover starts Monday J

  8. Susan Keywork

    A lot of Rick’s Challah can be enjoyed before Passover begins! For 9 weeks there’s been a collective craving for this Great Cakes favorite! Godspeed all!

    • The Butcher (Kris Mills)

      We will do the best we can. Currently trying to acquire the equipment needed to meet demand! (It is huge) 🙂

  9. Ilene Mirkine

    This is wonderful news for Rick and Weston (and us Westporters willing to drive for his delicious goodies)!

  10. The Butcher (Kris Mills)

    We are working as fast as possible to get Rick everything he needs. Jim and the rest of his crew are working on a new layout to maximize output. Happy to hear all of the positive feedback!

  11. Bart Shuldman

    Is it not great to see the ‘market’ work. You have a great baker who makes great product with real demand. Then comes a business person who understands it all and makes it happen. The investment takes place, a new venue is started and the consumer happy with sales on the way. All with no special ‘tax’ deal or special town requirement for space–you know what I mean. The market works when there is a good product.

    Thank you Peters Market.

  12. Denise Ewing

    So happy to hear about Rick being able to turn out his delicious goodies once again. Many a happy family event has been made complete by the addition of Rick’s cake, cupcakes, and cookies. Gotta add that I haven’t really regained my balance after losing Rick’s scones. Have to figure out a whole different breakfast strategy!