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Peter’s Weston Market Closes Sunday

Food shopping in Weston gets a bit tougher next week.

Peter’s Market — the only place in town for groceries both practical and gourmet, plus prepared, gluten-free and organic foods, and a salad bar — is closing. The last day of operation is Sunday (January 31).

Peter’s has been part of Weston Center since 1972. Previous markets occupied the site decades before that.

A few moments ago, owner Jim Magee posted this message on his website and social media:

We are saddened to announce to the public that Peter’s Weston Market will be closing its doors permanently at the end of the year. [NOTE: That should read “month.”]

Retailers, especially small businesses, have been struggling for the last 15 years and ours is no exception. Over the past 5 years our sales have declined 10% annually though expenses have increased. In addition, the complexities and declining in-store sales due to COVID-19 have dramatically hurt us. Because of all of this, remaining in business is no longer sustainable.

Peter’s Weston Market

After being in business for nearly 50 years, we want everyone to know we explored and exhausted every potential option to prevent this from happening. As a last-ditch effort we launched a GoFundMe page, appealing directly to our customers. Your loyalty and support was generous and overwhelming, allowing us to keep employees employed and continue to serve the community we love, including our regular donations to the Weston Food Pantry. We will be forever and eternally grateful for the support of the town and surrounding communities, especially of late. We simply cannot thank you enough.

In closing, please know the town of Weston and the people who live here have meant everything to us during the nearly 50 years we have been in business. We will miss our loyal customers, the energy in the store, the incredible number of young Westonites who have worked with us, and of course, our favorite Peter’s sandwiches. We hope that you will remember us kindly and be respectful of the impossibly difficult circumstances leading to our closing.

It’s been a great run! While we shed tears of pain right now, we also shed tears of joy for both all the friends we’ve made over the years and for the relief of the future. Thank you again for all of your support. We pray that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Warmest regards,
Jim Magee and the rest of your Peter’s Market family

PS: Come on in to get your favorite Peter’s sandwiches, rotisserie chickens, etc. through the weekend!

Peter’s Market Welcomes Rick Dickinson

Cupcake, cookie and challah lovers, rejoice! Your long Westport-Weston nightmare is over.

Two months after closing Great Cakes, owner Rick Dickinson is back. He’s joined Peter’s Market in Weston, where he’ll draw thousands of devoted customers, while adding a much-needed bakery to our cake-deprived northern neighbor.

Westporters just found a good reason to head to Weston.

Westporters just found a good reason to head to Weston.

The job offer came quickly last week, after a frustrating job search. When a long-time former customer heard that Rick was still looking, she called Peter’s owner Jim Magee.

Jim and Rick met for an hour. Jim made a couple of calls. He learned that hiring the popular baker was a no-brainer.

For the past few days, Rick has been greeting surprised — and delighted — former Great Cakes friends.

At Peter’s, he’s starting pretty much from scratch (ho ho). The mixer and other equipment is not like his old space, but that will change.

Rick Dickinson, and his great Great Cakes goods.

Rick Dickinson, and his great Great Cakes goods.

Right now Rick is making cookies and cupcakes. Cakes will follow.

On Friday he’ll bake the first loaves of his famous challah. It’s sure to go quickly.

Peter’s is a win-win-win: for Rick, Jim, and everyone who loves great baked goods.

Plus, Rick shaves 10 minutes off his former long commute from New Milford. For those of us in 06880, it’s a quick 10 minutes to 06883.

And well worth the trip.

A Bridge Not Taken

The rumor was enticing:  Jim Magee was coming back to run Peter’s Bridge Market.

Residents of the Saugatuck/Compo area — whose nearest reasonably-priced grocery store options are Super Stop & Shop and Stew Leonard’s — salivated at the news.  Jim’s family owned the Bridge Square market — located across from Mansion Clam House, on the corner of Riverside Avenue and Bridge Street — from 1972 to 2004.  Jim ran it himself until 1995, when he bought Peter’s Weston Market from his dad.

After the Magees sold it, the “Peter”-less Bridge Market lost favor (and raised prices).  Now it’s almost all gone — what remains is a salad bar one flight down in the nearby fish store.

Peter's Bridge Market - Westport

I reached Jim at his Weston home, and relayed the rumor.

“Not true,” he said.  That sound you hear is the dashing of neighborhood hopes.

“I’d love to go back to Westport,” he added.  “The landlord contacted me a couple of times.

“The place needs a lot of time, money and energy.  They were willing to do some things with the infrastructure.  But the rent is way too high.”

He warmed to the subject.  “If the Gaults build something down there, I might be interested.  It’s a nice spot.  But the parking is terrible.  And it’s tough to run a grocery store at $50 a square foot.”

One rumor squelched.  Here’s another:  The space might become a Subway.  Or a Wendy’s.