Spring Forward!

Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow. So before going to bed tonight, “spring” your clocks forward one hour. (Though “spring” will not arrive, weather-wise, until July.)

But Daylight Savings Time hasn’t always started the 2nd weekend in March. For many years, it came  at the end of April. Then it got moved to late March, before creeping even earlier, by a couple of more weeks.

Daylight Savings

At the back end, Daylight Savings Time has been extended from late October, to early November.

Which means Standard Time now runs for only 4 months.

And that means it’s not so “standard” any more. Daylight Savings Time is our default mode.

Perhaps we should call tomorrow “Eastern Standard Time.”

And rename the winter months “Daylight Loss Time.”

7 responses to “Spring Forward!

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Is this the beginning of another energy debate? Or a mass move to Arizona?

  2. Jo ann Davidson

    I like the old fashioned top executive guy sending his postcard to Washington, written with a straight pen and ink from inkwell. Like when I went to “grammar” school.
    Jo Ann Davidson

  3. Marcy Anson Fralick

    Arizona makes you schizophrenic. We don’t change our clocks, but we change our time-zone affiliations. Today, we’re an hour ahead of LA in the MST, and aligned with Denver. Tomorrow, we’ll be an hour behind Denver and on PDT aligned with LA. Officially, it’s called MST, but it’s a PITA if you have business in either time zone.

  4. Wally Meyer

    Back in the mid 1940’s we had double daylight saving time in the winter.
    Rochester, NY was dark, dark, dark when I did my paper route and then went to school.