Why Park On The Street…

…when there’s a great big ol’ sidewalk, just begging to be used?

Parking - Oscars

(Photo/Rich Stein)

8 responses to “Why Park On The Street…

  1. Gary Singer

    He’ ( or she ) is there because he feels entitled to be there. These unthinking Westport drivers ( actually, parkers) no longer are news.

    • No longer news when they take up 2 (or more) spots. I try to spotlight unique and different ways to express entitlement. This method is new.

  2. Can only blame the driver not the town… It was a CT plate… But town was exceptionaly ugly in the parking department

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Perhaps someone with a Learner’s/Novice Licence? Anyone with a valid licence would know that this isn’t good for the car. Or, maybe this SUV-looking vehicle has been side-swiped before on a narrow street?
    Regardless, it’s laughable.

  4. Holly Wheeler

    Why am I so not surprised?

  5. I think that big tree is limiting the room to park large SUV’s wherever needed. Perhaps it should be wacked?

  6. Terry Anzalone

    I just posted this on Facebook–it happened today!

    Why didn’t I take a picture!!?? Everyone is looking for a parking place, to get coffee at Starbucks in Westport, but once again there is the “special” person who is parked right in front of the door–going the wrong way!! Not in a parking place!

  7. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    As I recall from Drivers’ Ed — on a public road, a vehicle parked with a tire or tires on the curb or sidewalk, or parked more than 12 inches from the curb, is in violation of Connecticut DMV Regulations and subject to a ticket requiring payment of a fine.