Westport’s Newest Recycling Effort

Spotted this weekend on Main Street, outside Oscar’s:


Westport is all about recycling. But there must be a classier way to encourage it.

13 responses to “Westport’s Newest Recycling Effort

  1. single stream, this is unnecessary

    • Pippa Bell Ader

      Just to be clear, single stream recycling means you can put all your RECYCLING into one container, you don’t have to separate it anymore. But you still have to put your garbage in a different container. If you co-mingle garbage with recycling the whole container will be considered garbage.

    • Bobbie Herman

      Hey — if it works…

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    Might be a classier way to do it….but, you gotta start some where. Plus, would anyone mind if the deposit bottles were picked up by an organization that would appreciate the deposit on them?
    Have thought for some time time….if the deposit bottles at Compo were recycled by an organization, by the end of the summer, it would be “found money”. No pun intended.

    • I believe there are several men who clean out the bottles for deposit at the beach.

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Seriously, maybe Westport should consider recycling kitchen scraps, too. Landscapers eat it up!

  4. Kitchen scraps…landscapers …eat it up???? WTF

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Sorry. Mixed messages.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    P.S. Re “WTF”: Have Westporters become so rude?

  7. Dick Lowenstein

    WTF=Wakeman Town Farm

  8. Thank you Dick…exactly!

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Ha! Good save. But, sadly, never as good as your Little-Leaguers.

  10. No doubt about that Nancy!