“06880”‘s New Header Honors Little Leaguers — And Westport

Like our new header photo?

It’ s courtesy of Chip Stephens.

The longtime Westporter snapped this great shot moments ago, as the parade honoring Westport’s 4th-in-the-world Little League all-stars — and the state champion 11-year-old softball girls — wound its way from Main Street to Jesup Green.

“I never saw such togetherness and positive spirit in 06880 in my time,” Chip says — meaning the town, not the blog.

Though, come to think of it, all the comments on “06880” about our town’s newest heroes have been all warm and fuzzy, too.

Just as they should be.

Meanwhile, here’s another view (hover over it to enlarge). Photographer Jeb Backus says, “As a 3rd-generation Westporter living here for 50 years, this was the most special town event I have ever attended. Absolutely amazing.”

LL parade - Jeb Backus

4 responses to ““06880”‘s New Header Honors Little Leaguers — And Westport

  1. Betty Lou Cummings

    Our community…is so blessed in many ways…specially today at the LL parade etc…..you felt like singing yes….. “Westport’s got it all”. And they are such nice kids too!!!…thank you Little Leaguers & Coaches, may you continue to know…we are so proud of you…CHEERS!!! Betty Lou Cummings

  2. Stephen Rubin

    The new header is a good choice ….. Thanks Chip.

  3. Dan – Gordon joked that this the biggest event in Westport since the British landed at Compo Beach (and I think this one turned out better).

    We moved to town in 1977 and I’m not sure I can recall anything comparable. There were parades when the football team had great seasons, and things like UN Day draws huge crowds, but when has the whole town been so captivated?

    • Maybe when Hall & Oates were supposed to play at Longshore, but never showed up? (Because they weren’t hired — it was an elaborate hoax.)