Thank You, Guys!

We owe the Westport Little League all-stars some huge thanks.

Thank you for making this such a fun month. You had a great ride, and we were proud to be along.

Thank you for never giving up. You won a ton of games in a lot of ways. Wednesday night’s was heartbreaking. Friday’s was breathtaking. Today’s was tough. But you were in it to win it every day, every inning of the way.

Thank you for representing your town, your families — and yourselves — astonishingly well. It’s never easy having the national spotlight on you — let alone having it for so long, when you’re all of 12 years old. You carried yourselves with amazing poise and grace. Countless college and pro athletes should take their cues from you.

Thank you for having such a good time. Your pure enjoyment of your sport was evident every time you took the field, stood at bat, or hung around the dugout. You played for all the right reasons. Including the most important: to have fun.

We’ll welcome you home. We look forward to watching many more of your games — in all the sports you play, and all the activities you do.

Thanks again. You rock our world.


21 responses to “Thank You, Guys!

  1. Nadine Tanen

    Beautifully said. Westport has been an inspiration – thank you.

  2. mary hoffman

    Thank you for giving me quality time with my husband! I never watch professional sports because there are few players I admire. This Westport team has heart, talent and integrity. Thank you for an unforgettable end of summer 2013.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Some of your best writing and sentiments…. Kudos boys you did us as westporters very very proud!!!

  4. Bart Shuldman

    The Shuldman family joins in the thanks expressed by Dan. Thank you boys, coaches and family.

  5. Lisa Marie Alter

    SO impressed with you guys and your accomplishments !

    You represented our town with style and grace…
    and your games were actually FUN to watch !
    (No posturing, pretenses or Big League nonsense) 🙂

    Ya done us all proud …
    (I can only imagine how your parents must feel !)

  6. Very well said. A simply amazing accomplishment for 12-year-olds!!!

  7. perfect blog post. it says it all.

  8. These young men and the older men who guided them were outstanding representatives of our community…even though they didn’t necessarily sign on for that. We should all be very proud of them….we sure are!

  9. Ditto! Dan!!

  10. Charles Halper

    Beautiful tribute to our Little league team, Dan.—Roe and Chuck Halper

  11. Perfectly said, Dan. These boys were magnificent and made fans of everyone in town and beyond. If only the children of the world brought us all together the way this Little League did for our town, the world would be a beautiful place! Thank you, gentlemen, and congrats!

  12. Holly Wheeler

    Beautifully stated, Dan. And, a beautiful series, team. It’s not over yet — good luck tomorrow.

  13. Alison Fisher

    Perfectly said, Dan. Way to go, boys!

  14. Sandy Soennichsen

    And then there is the parade on Monday at 5pm.

  15. Well said, Dan. It was a wonderful way to get our minds off the approaching end of summer. Congratulations to the team and their coaches and their families who I am sure were vital in their success.

  16. carissa keepin

    So true! And thanks, Dan, for keeping me connected to my home town team even though I am down in FL. Hats off to the boys and the best town there is!

  17. Nick Garoffolo

    very proud of their accomplishment!

  18. Perfect, Dan. Thank you, boys, for the great entertainment (more than that!) these past few weeks! I kept having to remind myself that these boys are just 12-ish! Their coolness under pressure was admirable, not to mention their skill. I am so looking forward to welcoming them home at tomorrow’s parade!

  19. Thanks are awesome and are the real stars! The next stop for all of you should be teaching some of our professional players in the sports world a thing or two about sportsmanship and poise! You guy’s have a lock on that!

  20. On Sunday, Westport will face Tijuana, Mexico in the International World Series 3rd Place Game at 11:00 at the Howard J Lamade Stadium in a game to be televised live by ESPN. (And then they finally get to come home after a month on the road!!)