What A Ride To Williamsport!

The Westport Little League all-stars have inspired fans all over the country.

Perhaps none more so than in their own backyard.


Alert “06880” reader/avid fan Melissa Augeri reports:

Many families, coaches and Little Leaguers have been following the Westport team all summer. From Bristol to Williamsport, many have traveled to support their town and neighbors.

A handful of these kids have been back and forth from Williamsport to Westport in the last 2 weeks. To them, this 12-and-under team is like the major leagues.

Especially the younger ones. My son — a 4th grader — went last week to Williamsport. He watched them practice, and met the team. They were gracious, and are great role models for the younger boys.

Tim Rogers, his fellow coaches and the boys are making us proud by showing poise, handling the pressure and the spotlight with good, positive attitudes and sportsmanship.

So why not take a bus trip to today’s US championship game?

Little league bus trip

This morning’s ride was organized by a few Westport Little League coaches who live on Caccamo Lane, around the corner from the Rogers family.

Many of the kids are from this neighborhood

Six of the dads in the photo above are Westport Little League coaches. Every boy played or has played. The support is outstanding.

Meanwhile, Rob Stone just sent this photo of the Williamsport stadium. It’s 2 hours before game time — and already filling up.

Little League stadium - Rob Stone

5 responses to “What A Ride To Williamsport!

  1. Wish we could go! Give a cheer from the Glenn Family!

  2. Bart Shuldman

    Good Luck Westport!!!!

  3. John McCarthy

    We were there Wednesday night for the 1 loss. So we are doing our part by staying away today. Very superstitious sport, baseball.

  4. Holly Wheeler

    I love watching all of these kids on TV. They have all of the mannerisms and grace of MLB players. Including the frequent spitting. At 12 years old. Maybe some things are better left not imitated.