Compo Cove Classics

A beach photo has to be pretty spectacular to make it onto “06880.”

John Videler‘s sunset shot of Compo Cove — taken from Old Mill Beach — sure is.

Compo Cove - John Videler

John says:

The other night I was swimming at Old Mill with my 10-year-old daughter at 7:30 p.m. high tide. It was almost dark, and Old Mill is always perfect. I said, “so what do you think?”

She said, “Dad, this is paradise. We are so lucky to live here.”

And, John adds, the late artist/writer Tracy Sugarman once told him, “You never have to leave Westport for a vacation. Your vacation is right here.”

As an added bonus, John sent along a Compo Cove shot taken by his father, Cor Videler — a very talented photographer himself.

Compo Cove - Cor Videler

The sky and light always look different.

Thankfully, the scene itself seldom changes.

13 responses to “Compo Cove Classics

  1. Viewing the photos take me back to the summer of 1950 when I was a lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor at Old Mill beach. Great beach, great summer.

  2. Gary, you taught water safety at Old Mill Beach? It always seems so shallow there regardless of the tide. Do you recall the water level being any higher back then? Thanks.

    Also, were the Bay of Fundy-type tides as prominent back then?

    • Eric William Buchroeder

      Fred, what better place to teach water safety and be a lifeguard than at Old Mill Beach where you can’t get in trouble?

    • As I recall, if you walked out a few hundred yards the water was excellent
      for swimming. I did most of my WSI at the Norwalk YMCA, and my students there occasionally came to Old Mlll to finish courses,or practice.

  3. Ok, good point.

  4. I guess I should clarify: it’s so often so low there that it would be difficult to even swim.

    • Eric William Buchroeder

      Yeah Fred but look at it this way: If you can swim there you can swim anywhere. Besides you can dig clams while you’re practicing your stroke on the mud flats. Make sense?

      • Eric, I’m talking 1947. It’s possible that the tides and undercover have changed in these 66 years.

  5. Richard Lawrence Stein

    John V. Is a great photog. He did my wedding and his candid shots are awesome!!! He has and have had a great eye!!!

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Ah, simply gorgeous!
    John did my wedding too (ahem, way back in the 90’s), and he was amazing. And yup, the best images were the “unscripted” shots.
    Great memories of Old Mill beach too. My father and I had a very similar conversation when I was a tot and we perused the mud flats and that crazy current under the bridge during tide changes ( well, it seemed like a strong current to a small person – and this was like back in the 70’s, so … ).

  7. Phil Chankaya

    The scene seldom changes. No, it doesn’t, looks basically the same as it did when I grew up there in the 1960s and 70s. Daughter said ‘Dad we’re so lucky to live here’. The houses there now sell for $1M -$4M. My brother said recently, “I never realised we lived such privileged childhoods that now you have to be a multi-millionaire to live there”. It was nice. Really miss it sometimes.

  8. Beautiful pictures, my almost 10 year old said, “Wow,” and the 4 year old said. “Look at that pink sky.” ….. a wonderful memory for you and your Father, as well as you and your daughter! Enjoy it all the time.