5 Thoughts From Tonight’s Amazing Little League Game

  1. To paraphrase Tom Greenwald, all of Westport was held hostage tonight by a bunch of 12-year-olds.
  2. And we loved it. Little League baseball is a lot quicker, more intense and exciting than the big league version.
  3. Who knew so many non-sports fans were totally into this?
  4. These kids have an incredible amount of talent. And poise. Best of all, they sure look like they’re having fun.
  5. They’re kids. They’ll bounce back tomorrow, ready to win again. Go Westport!

11 responses to “5 Thoughts From Tonight’s Amazing Little League Game

  1. Phenomenal game tonight Westport!
    We are so proud of you!

  2. Great effort tonight. Real poise. Played like pros. Showed a lot of heart.

  3. Great, exciting game. Wish they had kept Harry in and played to win.
    Hope he gets another shot to go the distance on Sunday.
    Let’s go Westport!

  4. Weston Family watching and rooting for you too.
    Go Westport!

  5. John McCarthy

    Jump in the car and come down for tomorrow’s game. Great atmosphere, so exciting to watch the games in person.

  6. Pise and great sportsmanship were the real winners tonight ( last night actually ). All of Connecticut should be proud of this gutsy bunch from Westport.

  7. Who swiped that “o” out of pise, above?

  8. Pure baseball. It’s wonderful to watch.

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    Yes!!! These kids are truly something to behold. Ah, youth, Americana, baseball … What could be better! (Well, maybe except for hockey – season is just ’round the corner!) Go Bruins!!!! (Ahem, sorry NY Rangers fans – I’m a convert due to my husbands influence over the past 13 years). There ARE some Boston fans in our NY Metropolitan area, aren’t there???
    Anyway, GO WESTPORT!

  10. Terry brannigan

    I was talking with a colleague about the importance of remaining calm ( icy, steely) when the moment arrived in an upcoming meeting we were planning for. We did “ok”

    However these boys on the other hand are amzing. I will hire any of them the day they finish school. Wow how do they do it

  11. Eliot Essagof

    I cant remember ever having been so excited about a sporting event. Little League has been such a big part of our community with lots of fond memories…and a standing ovation to the coaches for having brought the boys here.
    GO 06880 !!!!