Stop The Presses! A Bank CLOSES In Westport

“Westport” is a Native American word meaning “land of 10,000 banks.”

However — for the 1st time since Horace Staples opened the First National Bank  in National Hall — a bank is closing, rather than opening, here.

TD BankTD Bank is shutting its Saugatuck branch — the former Westport Bank & Trust office opposite Luciano Park. Customers are advised to use TD’s Norwalk branch, near Petco.  (So much for their tagline: “America’s Most Convenient Bank.”)

It’s an odd decision. New apartments are opening in Saugatuck, new businesses are moving in — and TD is the only bank in the area.

However, here’s some positive news to bank on: A sign in the Gault apartments on the west side of Riverside Avenue promises a new gourmet market soon.

If they’re smart, they’ll stick an ATM near their fresh produce, specialty sandwiches and lovingly cured meats.

9 responses to “Stop The Presses! A Bank CLOSES In Westport

  1. Well — my parents always used Westport Bank & Trust. They were customers there all our lives (since we moved there in 1954) because they wanted a local bank. When they died (about 10-12 years ago) it turned out WB&T had been bought up by some bank in New Jersey, and settling their affairs with that outfit was a total nightmare. It’s very sad, what’s happening to the old home town. But it’s great to read your posts, Dan — about everything!

  2. Actually, it’s not at all surprising to someone who used that branch – e.g. moi. In turns, the staff inflicted a shocking series of errors on me, including deducting funds erroneously, forgetting to execute on important transfers etc., in one instance making the same mistake repeatedly. The place even had a subtle subliminal warning on the wall – a painting purporting to show Saugatuck in the 1800s, which was nice enough except that you could plainly see part of I-95 in the artist’s rendering. No surprise and no loss that this branch is itself history.

  3. Who owns the property? What uses does current zoning permit? With the closing of the Blue Parrot and the imminent opening of the Gault apartments, Saugatuck can become quite the happening place in Town. Dare I say ‘Restaurant Row?’

  4. No loss, really, as it was absolutely the most incompetently managed branch I have ever seen!

  5. “Lovingly cured meats”?
    GTFOH 🙂

  6. Nick Thiemann

    New fire station?

  7. Firehouse chili?

  8. elaineclayton

    William Kemmis Adler, I love that you noticed that subliminal warning, it was a good tip off!

  9. Elaine, the painting was hilarious. Terrific 19th century details – livestock, old style boats, etc., and then a big piece of the structure under I-95! : – )