All That’s Missing Are Dorothy, Toto And Her Bike

In the span of about 8 seconds — just a few minutes ago — the skies  over Compo Shopping Center and Playhouse Square went from bright blue, to this:

Westport CT storm July 23, 2013 - Dan Woog

Westport CT weather - Playhouse Square July 23, 2013


10 responses to “All That’s Missing Are Dorothy, Toto And Her Bike

  1. great pic-

  2. The thunderstorms have been going on for an hour and a half here, and at times we had big downpours. We lost a couple of trees in town on Sunday. Hopefully none were lost this afternoon. Great photos.

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Same here in Fairfield along the coast! My granddaughter called this a “normal” storm as compared to “Sandy” which was NOT a normal storm!!

  4. Bobbie Herman

    But the temperature dropped at leat ten degrees.

  5. Brett Aronow

    Those are cool pics… Needed the rain!

  6. Jack Whittle

    Not “her bike” (ref. to Dorothy) but Miss Gulch’s bike . . .

  7. Cathy Walsh

    Jack…you never cease to amaze me. P&Z is lucky to have you.

  8. Dan: Actually the bike belonged to Margaret hamilton (a/k/a Witchy Woman).
    Marc Bailin

  9. Joanne Avery

    Cool!!! And lol re the yikes.