You CAN Get There From Here…

…but for the next few days, it won’t be easy.

Friday’s scary train wreck just a few miles east will play havoc with this week’s commute. The Westport and Green’s Farms train stations are closed. There will be limited service from South Norwalk to Grand Central, and full service from Stamford.

But parking lots at those stations — and others on the New Haven line — will be packed. And I-95 and the Merritt will be even more crowded than usual.

So “06880” is trying to help.

If you plan to drive to a train station, New York or somewhere along the way, and have room for riders — or if you seek a ride somewhere — click “Comments” below. Leave your contact info (phone, email, Twitter…). When a match is made and you want your comment removed, email me ( and I’ll take it down.

Similarly, if you’ve got any brilliant ideas on how best to handle the upcoming commuter chaos, click “Comments” to share with all.

Train station drop shadow

13 responses to “You CAN Get There From Here…

  1. Britt Elizabeth Anderson, Class of 79

    Any minibuses left around somewhere to take riders to the station?? Good luck everyone.

  2. Janice Beecher

    Is that why the Merritt was a parking lot yesterday? Since I don’t live here anymore, it surprised me, but I considered that might be the reason. Or, is it always that way? I could have driven faster up the Post Road!

  3. Maxine Bleiweis

    For some, an option might be to work locally. The Westport Library has space, strong wifi, good coffee and sandwiches, and research help. Open 9 to 9.

  4. Carmageddon continues! For those able, chug on over to the New Canaan branch, starting in New Canaan with stops at Talmadge Hill, Springdale & Glendale. Parking is as bad as it is here, but it is an option. If you can telecommute I’m sure you’ve already made arrangements.

  5. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    The MTA should offer bus service from the two Westport train stations to the South Norwalk station. That would keep lots of people off 95 and help ease what is certain to be a traffic nightmare for days to come.

  6. Adam stolpen

    Why not use the commuter parking lots as a staging area. People meet up there, leave their cares, and when a car is full it can go to NYC with 5 new friends.

    Of course the town railroad parking authority needs to wave all parking fees during the problem

  7. Anyone needing a flexible way to deal with meetings and calls and the commute out of Stamford during the MTA construction should feel free to work in the coworking spaces at the Stamford Innovation Center at 175 Atlantic St, Stamford. We have free coffee, great wifi and a quiet, comfortable place to work.

    We are a 10 minute walk from the Stamford MTA station. Depending on demand we will extend our hours. We are happy to be a gathering point for commuters needing to get in and out of NYC and Stamford.

  8. May want to consider parking in the movie theater lot at SONO and taking a short 2-3 block walk to the S. Norwalk train station. You’ll pay the daily parking fee, but the lot is huge and may be worth the cost.

  9. As reported yesterday in local media, the MTA is currently developing a plan for operating bus shuttles between South Norwalk and Bridgeport train stations. The Westport Transit District (WTD) is in close contact with the Norwalk Transit System (Westport’s shuttle bus operator), and the Westport police department (railroad parking), and First Selectman Joseloff. Given that the WTD unfortunately does not have enough buses to handle potential demand between Westport and South Norwalk, we have to wait for MTA to announce their plan, and then decide how best to use our shuttle buses. As soon as information is available, we will report it in local media including, and on this blog. Stay tuned.

  10. Leigh Gage

    Hi, Am driving to Mamaroneck tomorrow – I plan on leaving around 9:45 – and can drop anyone off at the South Norwalk station or Stamford. I would pick you up at the Westport station.
    Leigh Gage

  11. The State DOT is reporting that their will be limited service to and from Westport on Monday. Their is a 6PM news conference from Governor Malloy. There is a release on WestportNow but no schedule as of yet

  12. The MTA has released it’s official plan which can be found at
    Service updates for the Westport Transit District’s shuttle will be posted on as soon as they are available.

  13. Just want to say how impressed I am with everyone’s problem solving! Good luck everyone. I have mostly fond memories of my brief time commuting to NYC.