Important Info: Limited Train Service, Tons Of Traffic

The Westport Police Department says:

Beginning tomorrow (Monday, May 20), 2013 Metro-North will run limited service from the Westport train station to points west. There is NO train service from Green’s Farms. Commuters should check frequently for updates.

Metro-North logoConnecticut DOT will operate shuttle buses from Bridgeport, with stops at Fairfield Metro and Fairfield train stations, and Westport as the terminus. This will have a significant impact on the Saugatuck station, as we expect most riders on these shuttles will board trains at Saugatuck. At this time Metro-North estimates they will run at about 75% capacity from Westport.

Heavy delays and high traffic volume are expected on local roads – especially if commuters from towns east of Westport drive here to board trains. If at all possible, car pool to the train station. It is expected that parking will fill fast and early. Additional police personnel will be on duty.

There will be limited shuttle bus service from Green’s Farms station to Saugatuck station for commuters who find themselves there in the morning and returning in the evening during peak hours only. Buses with limited seating will run a continuous loop to and from Saugatuck. This is separate from the CT DOT shuttle system. Please check for more information.

Finally, please note these important traffic pattern changes:

  • All Saugatuck station passenger vehicle drop-offs in the AM and pickups in the PM will be directed to Ferry Lane on the eastbound side of the station. Passengers can then use the tunnels to reach the NY-bound platforms.
  • Railroad Place will be used by incoming shuttle buses and local business traffic. If you are parking (while spaces remain), you may be stuck behind loading/unloading buses. Please be patient.

2 responses to “Important Info: Limited Train Service, Tons Of Traffic

  1. Tom Feeley

    Hang in there 🙂

  2. Nick Thiemann

    Drove to Stamford at 9:00 am this morning (Monday). A little worse than usual but not impossible. it took about 5 minutes longer to get there.