Into The Woods

In today’s super-safety-conscious times — when street signs warn there’s a stop sign ahead, and you (wink, wink) can’t make a left turn out of Stop & Shop or Saugatuck Elementary School — it’s amazing that one Westport roadway has become more dangerous.

A while ago, the guardrail was removed from a stretch of Main Street. It’s on the west side — on your left, if you’re headed out of town toward Bogey’s 323 whatever.

Main Street, Westport CT

True, no driver, bicyclist or jogger has plunged into woods.


I wonder why the guardrail is gone — and if whoever removed it thinks a few wooden horses are a good replacement.

4 responses to “Into The Woods

  1. Dan,

    Based on the sidewalk markings, it looks like they might be preparing to do some expansion work there. Either redoing the sidewalk (for whatever reason), fixing up the sides of the road, or installing new piping.

    Who knows? I’m sure someone from the town or state, with intimate knowledge, will tell you soon enough. Keep investigating…

  2. You know, you can always just call the Department of Public Works and ask them.

  3. BTW- I was driving by 323 on Thursday night- 6:30- and saw lights on….
    almost parked and knocked on the door. Maybe it will still open.

  4. not only is it dangerous but its an eye sore. we live nearby and have no idea what is going on with this. its been months.