Put A Fork In It

A 45-year run ends tomorrow at John’s Best.

The Westport restaurant will serve its last pizza (and lasagna) (and salad).

All other John’s Best locations in Fairfield County will remain open.

Johns Best

The restaurant — which opened in 1967, and had the same owner since 1980 — was one of the few inexpensive, sit-down-in-a-nice-atmosphere, kid- and group-friendly Italian places in Westport.

(Barely, though. It was right on the Norwalk border.)

A rise in rent is the cause for closing, owner Dino Avellino said.

But moving a few years ago from a larger, more welcoming spot probably did not help. From that day on, John’s Best seemed like John’s Just OK.

15 responses to “Put A Fork In It

  1. Babette d'Yveine

    We tried it once after they moved, and never went back. It wasn’t the same, and the food wasn’t as good as the old place with the greenhouse. Still, I’m sorry to see them go.

  2. Where were they previous to the move?

  3. Sank T. Monious

    The Arrow used to have the greatest pizza I’ve ever had.

  4. I have fond memories -dining with my family.It was apart of growing up in Westport.Hope everything isn’t all chain stores and resturants=like the local touch!

  5. OMG – where will I go now to get that great clam and garlic pizza every
    time I come home to visit ?

  6. cathy smith barnett '66

    True, John’s Best was located a little closer to the Norwalk Line. It was in a stand alone brick building in front of White Birch shopping plaza (since torn down). Located right next door was a women’s exercise center called “Anne-Marie’s Fitness Forum.” I and practically every woman from miles around went to this place to work out and get dieting advice. I knew not a few women who left exercise class and headed straight over to John’s Best!!

    • Judi Simonetti

      I worked at the Figure Forum!! I taught classes there when Larry Katz owned it. I was in high school at the time and LOVED it there! I went out front in that plaza to Gino’s for pizza, which was next to Consumers Distributors! A bit off topic, but was so excited to see Ann-Marie’s Fitness (I thought it was figure, but perhaps that was under Larry Katz) Forum! Have a great day!

  7. Doug Conner '80

    Last time I was there….. 1979. It was meh!

  8. My grandmother would only go there for her pizza, and it was the oly place I ever wnt, now where will.i get my pizza?

  9. Sank T. Monious

    I’m trying to find a place where Nistico pizza is served. When I do, I’m not telling anybody.

  10. The character and the charm was lost when the old building was knocked down. Fabulous memories!

  11. Catherine Burnett, Staples '84

    Have great family memories there…and my parents were grateful for the “all you can eat” nights when my brother was a teenager.