Last May — 9 months after Hurricane Irene forced Bogey’s to abruptly close — I posted this photo:

323 restaurant, Westport CT

Eight months later, the building looks like this:

323 Main Street, Westport, CT

The sign promising a new restaurant is gone. The exterior has been painted a duller color.

Other than that: nothing’s changed.

Looks like diners will have to wait several more months for “323.” Or any other place.

Meanwhile — coupled with the recent demise of V Restaurant — Westport’s casual dining options have dwindled to a precious few.

Ships, Glynn’s and Bunyan’s, anyone?

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  1. Bogey”s will always be associated with the murder of Joan Wertkin.

  2. Who?

  3. Wertkin’s body was found behind the Merritt Group of stores across the street from where 323 is located, in 1988 (?) I don’t associate Coffee An’ with her death, much less the restaurant now known as 323, but anyone is free to make their own associations.

    Surprised Dan didn’t refer to it as Oliver’s, as a townie might do

    As for 323, there has been work going on there nearly every day (I drive by on my way home from work). The exterior paint and trim were just recently completed. I too am surprised how long they have been working on it, but at least there is still activity going on.

  4. Ahhhhh … thanks for the memories. Liver, onions and bacon at Glynn’s. After work hamburgers and beer at the Ships. Miss you!

  5. John McCarthy

    New sidewalk at the Main Street entrance also going in now.

  6. I miss Pal Joey's French Fries

    Can anyone name all the restaurants that failed at the Glynn’s location after they left (and I think before they arrived)? They were as permanent as Spinal Tap drummers.

  7. Joan Wertkin was at the bar at Bogey’s before she was murdered. That’s the connection.

    • You’re the only one obsessively associating Bogey’s with her death. I dined at that location weeks after the body was found, and I had no problem.

      Not sure if that says more about me or you. Hmm…

      • I know Joan and her family. Think, before you run you mouth off. And, I have eaten at Bogey’s after her murder (if that is your definition of obsessed). It bothers me that Westport’s finest were never able to solve this.

        • I am not sure what I typed could be perceived any other way. My point was that her death, in 1988, has nothing to do with the success of an eatery at this particular location…

        • Wasn’t aware that Wertkin had been inside te Stone’s Throw the night she died. Her body was found by the manager of the Stone’s Throw in the parking lot across the street, so there is some connection to the Stone’s Throw. Her husband, who said she had left the house that night to do some grocery shopping, was a suspect, according to HIS lawyer (Barry Slotnick, of all people)

  8. One more thing has changed. Midway up the wall, to the right of the right window, a round object has been removed. Was it an exhaust vent? If so, does it removal suggest that 323 will not be a restaurant?

  9. If your ;memory of the Wertkin murder connects it to Bogey’s, that’s certainly your business. But before you impugn the WPD, you might consider that they did “solve” the case; they just didn’t have enough evidence to charge the person they believe committed the crime. At least that’s what the cops said at the time.

    • I do not recall the police saying that they knew who did it, let alone a suspect. But I won’t argue the point. However, if the perp is still walking around, I don’t consider the case “solved”. They never even made an arrest.

  10. We have been fortunate to have 2 new restaurants added at the 2 new developments in town. The Welk which has won many Fairfield County new restaurant awards is located at the new Sagautauk ‘community’ and The Spotted Horse which is packed every weekend was added on Church Street and part of that new development. Both of these developments are starting to create fun areas of entertainment and food. Maybe we can let them continue to build and add to our dining scene.

    And Terrain was added to the new store of the same name. Not a go-to place like Saugatuck or Church Street but a destination type venue.

    • How about the two even newer places: the sushi restaurant that took over the old Zest/Manolo site on Church Lane (near the Spotted Horse), and the new one across the river, near National Hall?

      Also, WestportNow reports today that the River House tavern has closed. It will reopen soon as a French restaurant.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Dan. Yes. It starts to look like the new areas being built are attracting restauranteurs to invest and develop. The Pink Sumo is real good. Church Street is fun. I also think BarTaco is coming. Should be nice with a patio overlooking the river.

  11. Sven Davidson

    Ask any of the cops who investigated. And then please review the definition of “solve” – the police were satisfied that they had the answer. Nolw see if you can name all the restaurants that were at Sakura’s location.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Bonanza, family affair, Sakura are the three I know… And I forgot Le Crepe was at Matthews too

  12. When we moved to Westport, the building that housed Bogey’s was bright
    red and housed the Tidewater Fish Store.

  13. First of all, as Jack has correctly stated, Joan Wertkin was killed seven full years before Bogey’s even opened it’s doors on Main Street.(March 1995) So, scratch that off of anyone’s assocaition, especially you… PHAT OL FILL. So, you must not really not Joan and her family very well after all. Who’s running their mouth off now ??