Red & White: Part II

In the wake of last night’s “bus bust” at the Red & White dance — click here to read that story — County Assemblies secretary/Westport co-chair Sheri Howie Valente emailed all parents of Westport students who attended.

County AssembliesShe complimented the teenagers on their maturity in dealing with the bus situation. “Everyone was calm and took care of handling their own transportation back to Westport,” Sheri noted.

She added that her daughter’s group has already been issued a refund for the bus. They decided to donate the refund to Staples Tuition Grants. She suggested others do the same.

Sounds like a very sensible — and generous — solution to a situation that had nothing to do with kids and their parents. And everything to do with bus and limo companies that should have known a lot better.

Staples Tuition Grants

8 responses to “Red & White: Part II

  1. Seems odd, who was in charge of organizing the event and why wasn’t all the paperwork checked to make sure all the transportation issues were checked out prior?

    • Transportation is up to each individual person (or their groups). It has nothing to do with the organizers. Because so many people go, all the party buses and limos get booked. So people have to look outside of the area, I guess.

  2. Dan,

    Perhaps we can share what bus companies were used and what limos?

    I think its horrible that they were not following Dept. Of Transportation regulations. What if there was not a buzzcheck and one of the buses had an accident with all these young teens, etc

  3. Very gracious, Sheri. Thank you for your hard work and for leading with integrity.

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