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Friday Flashback #225

Of all the Friday Flashbacks I post, it’s these — collections of bygone businesses or restaurants — that resonate the most.

This match collection comes courtesy of Scott Beck. He now owns Little Barn — but it’s clear the Staples High School graduate’s restaurant chops go back a long way.

Some of these are classics, like Three Bears, Mario’s, The Arrow and Ships.

Some — The Mushroom and L’Arbalète — I don’t remember at all.

Davy Jones deserves special mention. It preceded the Black Duck.

But my favorite — though I don’t remember it either — is not a restaurant at all.

Anyone know anything about The Octopus: “t-shirt and head-shop”?

Those were the days.

(Collage courtesy of Scott Beck)


Last May — 9 months after Hurricane Irene forced Bogey’s to abruptly close — I posted this photo:

323 restaurant, Westport CT

Eight months later, the building looks like this:

323 Main Street, Westport, CT

The sign promising a new restaurant is gone. The exterior has been painted a duller color.

Other than that: nothing’s changed.

Looks like diners will have to wait several more months for “323.” Or any other place.

Meanwhile — coupled with the recent demise of V Restaurant — Westport’s casual dining options have dwindled to a precious few.

Ships, Glynn’s and Bunyan’s, anyone?