Friday Flashback #225

Of all the Friday Flashbacks I post, it’s these — collections of bygone businesses or restaurants — that resonate the most.

This match collection comes courtesy of Scott Beck. He now owns Little Barn — but it’s clear the Staples High School graduate’s restaurant chops go back a long way.

Some of these are classics, like Three Bears, Mario’s, The Arrow and Ships.

Some — The Mushroom and L’Arbalète — I don’t remember at all.

Davy Jones deserves special mention. It preceded the Black Duck.

But my favorite — though I don’t remember it either — is not a restaurant at all.

Anyone know anything about The Octopus: “t-shirt and head-shop”?

Those were the days.

(Collage courtesy of Scott Beck)

27 responses to “Friday Flashback #225

  1. The best salad I ever had was at the Arrow. They had the best home made salad dressing. I could picture the place like it was yesterday- Lou Nistico sitting at a table in the bar greeting the commuters who got off the train.

    • Peter Barlow

      The Arrow also had a wonderful tomato sauce for their spaghetti. I went there often just to get a quart of spaghetti sauce to bring home. I’d like some of that right now!

  2. Jean Whitehead

    The head shop octopus has SIX legs….

  3. Luisa Francoeur

    Well, if it was a head shop….

  4. Bruce Schneider

    Let’s not forget the Peppermill!! Great Salad Bar, wonderful steaks with great atmosphere!

  5. 10% of the town probably worked at the Peppermill at one time or another. Cindy, my sister, worked there.

  6. Costanza Baiocco

    I still remember Manero’s fondly after all these years. In the 1950s we were living in Greenwich Village and had friends in Westport who introduced us to Manero’s. They were intimate friends, but I think it was Manero’s that prompted frequent visits. World class martinis and his sea and surf dish was magnificent. I now live part time in Westport and haven’t yet found a restaurant equal to Manero’s — perhaps it is nostalgia talking now.

  7. Love the matchbooks but it’s missing one of my two favorites – the Clam Box. Just for the record, my other (number one favorite) was the Arrow. I loved their pizza!! I remember as a kid burning my mouth every time because I couldn’t wait for it to cool.

  8. Danny Ashley

    L’Arbelete (french for crossbow) had excellent food and had a statue of a crossbow out in front.The venue subsequently became many things including McGlynn’s.

  9. Mickey Herbst

    Who among the residents who have arrived to Westport after 1971 would believe that Muriel’s Diner was plopped on the corner of the Post Rd and Taylor Place half on the sidewalk, and half on the road?

  10. Susan Iseman

    I wonder who has the recipe for The Ships’ lobster bisque? I had it there Circa 1980) it was to die for.

  11. Michael Calise

    I have a Pearl’s Matchbook. It’s a keeper.

  12. Jack Backiel

    Paula Pastorelli owned Pearls. I went to Long Lots Junior High with her in 1959 and 1960. She was such a nice person and so entrepreneurial.

  13. I used to love The Mushroom. It later became Blue Lemon and more recently The Penguin. The Mushroom had the best bread and, of course, delicious mushroom-inspired dishes. What is the name of that shopping center? Sherwood?

  14. Jill Turner Odice

    A former employee of Ships sent me the recipe for the seafood bisque…I could eat that stuff every day for ages and not get sick of it 😊
    Snows Clam Chowder was the secret ingredient..

  15. Dear Jill,
    We all need that recipe. Any chance you could share it?

  16. Jack Backiel

    I’d like to have that recipe too! I’m willing to pay $100,000 dollars for it, and I don’t exaggerate!!

  17. Don Willmott

    I certainly remember the head shop. How funny that it eventually evolved into Tiffany & Co. of all things. Any kid who rode the Minnybus to Jesup Green had to walk past it on the way to the (old) library or Main St. My mother told me to *never* go in there!

  18. Christine Barth

    I really miss Glynn’s–great homestyle cooking and a very welcoming relaxed atmosphere.

  19. Sam Febbraio

    My brother hired a cook from Ships in ‘79. He came with the recipe. Mark F. was none too happy. As to the Octopus, I had a college housemate who may have been its best customer, but I really can’t remember.

  20. Susan Hopkins

    Wonderful collage of Westport history. Loved Ships, Peppermill, and La Bibliotheque.

  21. Carl Addison Swanson

    No mention of Clam Box? Food not the best but top gun among attracting NYers here.

  22. Amazing memory board, Dan, thanks for sharing … My friends and I, actually, were Octopus customers in our early teens. The shelves were lined with 100’s of bongs & they had a remarkable collection of black-light art, rolling papers & smoking paraphernalia … That was back before Needle Park was usurped by developers & when the Green was regularly occupied by great numbers of happy Octopus customers … 😀

  23. Oh I remember many of these! Ships , Cafe De La Plage, Marios, Mansion Clam House, Maneros, Le Chambord, 3 Bears, Onion Alley. I had good times at all of them. Some are gone altogether, some have been replaced. Are the replacements as fun as the originals. In my time these places were hopping.