Stupid Parking Tricks (Bike Division)

Alert “06880” reader Terry Brannigan snapped this photo today at Compo Acres Shopping Center:


No word on whether the Very Entitled bike owner exited the parking lot the right way, or if he followed the new trend of zipping directly over the curb, and into Post Road traffic.

12 responses to “Stupid Parking Tricks (Bike Division)

  1. Was the license plate “LAZY”?

  2. Babette d'Yveine

    He’s very trusting. I’ve known of bikes being stsolen from people’s driveways.

  3. looks like that spot is spoke(n) for

  4. So glad you posted this! Between that and the non-handicapped people parking behind Achorn’s in the handicapped spaces…and then defending it…i am at a loss for suitable, appropriate words….

  5. I live in Westpot, I can do what I want damn it!

    Surprised a soccer mom in a Range Rover just didn’t roll right over it while talking on her cell in a hurry to get a Robek’s.

  6. Typical Westport

  7. That’s just plain Rude and Inconsiderate!

    • Any bike racks in that center or downtown ? One takes one’s life in their hands to ride a bike down Post Rd, but if one should decide to take the risk, where would be the appropriate place to park & lock it?

      • Caveat Biker!

      • They could park on the edge of the concrete sidewalk visible on the left side of the photograph or on the sidewalk in front of the businesses.

        There would still be enough room for pedestrians to get by in either case.

        That and they wouldn’t be hogging an entire parking space.

        i would move that bike to the sidewalk if I saw that.

  8. Expressing views on what you view as “right” can soon end up being a form of fascism. He’s parking his bike in a way he sees fit. Maybe he doesn’t agree with the “group’s” idea of how to park?