“Oklahoma!”: The Show Goes On!

On Broadway, there’s a venerable tradition that “the show must go on.”

At Staples — where Players productions have long been compared to Broadway shows — the same tradition holds true.

Which is why — almost miraculously — “Oklahoma!” opens this Friday night.

Right on schedule.

Curly (Clay Singer) and Aunt Eller (Claire Smith) sing the classic “Oh What a Beautiful Morning.” (Photo by Kerry Long)

The decision to open as planned came after co-directors David Roth and Kerry Long decided the musical was in  good enough shape to really push things this week — the home stretch.

Rescheduling was not an option. The weekend after the show closes is Thanksgiving. The weekend after that, the auditorium is occupied by “The Nutcracker.”

With dire warnings about Sandy in the air, the directors talked to the cast about preparedness. Actors were told to bring their scripts home, and spend free time going over lines, staging and choreography.

Yet no one anticipated an entire week off from school.

The teenagers rose to the occasion. They organized their own, completely student-run rehearsals — including a full run-through at the Conservative Synagogue (which, perhaps by divine intervention, had power) — under the leadership of Players president Adam Mirkine.

Will Parker (Everett Sussman) and the ensemble, during “Kansas City.” (Photo by Kerry Long)

As soon as power returned to Staples, administrators let Players back in to set light cues and start returning to normal.

As a result, cast and crew has made up lost time. Yesterday they were right about where they usually are, entering the final stretch: “Hell Week.”

Players shows are great community events. Audience members span all ages. Many have come for years. The scene in the lobby before the curtain rises is  almost party-like.

After the craziness of Hurricane Sandy, Roth and Long wanted Westporters to get back to some semblance of normalcy, with a dynamic, entertaining production. The directors were glad for the hard-working cast, too, that the show could go on.

Thanks to Staples Players, it will.

And, because it’s Staples Players, “Oklahoma!” will be doing fine. Far more than “okay.”

(Of course, ticket sales were hurt by the extended power outage — it’s hard to buy them online without power. But if you’re reading this, you can click here for tickets. They’re also on sale at the box office before the show.)

6 responses to ““Oklahoma!”: The Show Goes On!

  1. Michele Wrubel

    After the winds of Superstorm Sandy, we cannot wait to be “where the wind comes sweeping down the plain”. See you all in OKLAHOMA!

  2. Please, please if you have the chance, support Staples Players. Everyone, cast and crew combined, has been working diligently and above and beyond the call of duty. You will not be disappointed!!

  3. A westport parent

    Cant wait to see the production. I am bringing my whole family.

  4. You are all true troupers. I will be there opening night to cheer you on and I know you will be amazing as always!

  5. Oh what a beautiful show ! The kids have risen to the occasion and you will not be disappointed ! They are awesome .

  6. Thank you Players cast, crew and directors for your tireless work on what will be an amazing show! Y’all overcame Sandy and Athena, and put your heart and soul into Oklahoma! Cannot WAIT to see this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic. Cheers!!