An Election Result We Can All Agree On

Though Hurricane Sandy upended many routines, Election Day will look very familiar.

You’ll stride through a gauntlet of candidate signs and vote-for-my-guy (or gal) candidate proxies.

You’ll cast your ballot privately.

As you leave, there’s one final touch of Americana: a bake sale.

This year, those bake sales are special. PTAs from all 8 Westport schools will raise money at the 4 polling centers to support our town.

In addition to brownies, cookies and coffee, donations will be accepted to help Westport recover from Hurricane Sandy. Funds go directly to the town Human Services Department, to buy grocery cards and other items for local families in need of assistance.

Whoever came up with this great idea gets my vote.

My polling place — and a place for donations too.

21 responses to “An Election Result We Can All Agree On

  1. Can I write a check, and if so, to who?

  2. Bake sales are selling sugary crap. With the obesity problem in this country there should be a better way to raise money

    • The food nazis raise their ugly heads. If people do not want the “sugary crap” they will not buy it. Why not let them choose?

    • Jim Graves is a pathetic, sad man it seems.

      • Sank T. Monious

        Jim’s problem seems to be the sugar in the crap. Maybe he would rather they sell crap with no sugar. Maybe he prefers the taste that way.

  3. perhaps just this one last time we will welcome Moms, Dads and school children to sell their sweets, yes there is an obesity problem, however, might I suggest a large clear fish bowl to be at the bake sale that is for sugar-less donations along side the more popular sugary treats!.
    Green, be it $1-whatever is welcome!

  4. I wonder when the first bake sale was held? It has been going on for as long as I can remember. The idea of a fishbowl on the table for donations is a good one. Hey, Dan, Saugatuck Elementary School was one that I attended.

  5. Trying to do a GOOD thing here, let’s not debate the bake sale issue!! Open your wallets and give to those in real need! PERIOD!

  6. My favorite thing besides voting for our next president is the BAKE SALE and buying my kids, who I’ve taken with me to show them how I vote, a treat of their choice. Obesity problem does not come from bake sales! I also think that it’s a wonderful opportunity to raise money for those in need at a setting where our community members will all pass!

  7. I am so glad that you wrote this. I wasn’t going to bring any money. Now I will. I’ll be working at the polls all day from 5am until the ballots are verified. Thank you to all the bakers and volunteers in advance. I’m looking
    forward to the bake sale and your tasty treats.

  8. Ginny McGovern/PTA Council Co-President

    Checks can be made out to: Department of Human Services/Families in Need. Please include Hurricane Sandy in the memo line. Thanks in advance!

  9. Jim, Graves, I just gave a donation…didn’t say a word, just handed them some cash, didn’t take any “goodies.” Perhaps YOU could do the same.

  10. On second thought, Jim, pick up a bran muffin.

  11. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

    Some of us like sugary crap, Jim. I am grateful for the opportunity to buy Whoopie Pies and Mallomars in small doses. The bake sales are mainly for adult consumers. As for the obesity epidemic, there is this thing called exercise.

  12. Sank T. Monious

    Sugary crap doesn’t make people obese. People make themselves obese.

  13. Jim Graves makes me FEEL obese with his bloated, antiquated view. Get a new act – your current one is old and tired.

  14. Westporter4ever

    Last time voting at Long Lots today…sad that I had no cash for the bake sale…but applaud the PTA for their effort to raise funds for local people in need…on Another anyone else bummed they didn’t get a sticker? My 5 year old put it perfectly…” did all that work to vote, and you didn’t get your sticker..that’s no fair! This is not voting” of course this was the same child that then got upset because she thought she was going to see the president when we went to vote.

    • I would be upset if I thought I was seeing the President, too. He’s a scary man with frightening policies. I don’t blame your daughter.

  15. Angels Everywhere

    Although he will shrug off the credit, I wanted to highlight another “Quiet Hero”.. Steve Simmons (and his 5 year old Becket) have set up a used clothing drive at Long Lots that will be coordinated with other relief efforts regarding Hurricane Sandy. If you are coming out to vote, please take a moment to empty your closet and help others. People like Steve and all of the other who have been helping remind me of the Westport I grew up in. Bless you Steve. (And your adorable son Becket!)