The Scene On Saugatuck Shores

Bob Zappi took this photo at 10:30 a.m. today, on Harbor Road:

So much for reports yesterday that Saugatuck Avenue and Saugatuck Shores would have power by now…

8 responses to “The Scene On Saugatuck Shores

  1. nbc aired a news conference saturday 10am with gov cuomo thanking gov
    malloy for the work crews he offered to new york for storm cleanup.
    the new york support for storm victims far exceeds what is offered by our local and state gov.

  2. There are CL&P crews on Saugatuck Island right now and told some of us we’re up to bat shortly for power. I can see downed lines like in the photo – not sure how it all will work. I would post pictures too but my camera and most personal possessions were buried in mud and seawater. The island was devastated… some homes are torn apart, with fronts ripped off – you can see inside cutaways of all the rooms like a doll’s house. Broken boats and boulders are in neighbors’ yards. A dead shark washed up, along with the island’s native rabbits – to where could they have run? Another neighbor just finished repairing their house after LAST year’s storm, and it’s totally wrecked again – “They can have it,” were his last words as the family drove off in despair. Thankfully, the forecast of 11 feet of seawater didn’t pan out – it was more like 4 feet – but for ANY house that is not one of the newer 4-5 foot raised homes it meant contamination of the lower level at minimum. Saugatuck Island neighbors can be seen walking the streets in clusters, having meetings on the move and exchanging contact information for hazmat, water remediation vendors, carpenters, temporary housing, etc. This friendly island is remarkably tight that way and the neighborly helping is in full swing – a blessing.

  3. Jill Denowitz

    Harbor road was open to traffic this morning and closed as of an hour ago, so I suspect they are dealing with those wires now. Hoping for power back to the island by tomorrow!

  4. Barbara Wiederecht

    There were just 2 trucks from New Hampshire Power that finished the work on Harbor and then stopped at the corner of Bermuda. After I said a big Thank You they told me that there was still a problem on Saugatuck Ave. near the train station. This had to be fixed as it provided power down to the Shores. So the nice men from NH weren’t sure it was happening tonight or not. Fingers crossed!!

  5. William, I am looking for HAZMAT and Water remediation people. No one will come out, unanwswered calls from Crystal Restoration, and ServiceMaster and ServPro both told me they will not be working with insurance due to the scale of the storm- they won’t be providing a binding estimate to work off of, and if I sign I am on the hook for all if insurance won’t cover. Looking for some honest people not interested in gauging. ServPro said it will be a 700.00 fee to come out to look.

  6. Jackie Martin

    We often travel to this area by boat and love every inch of Saug Shores. Pine to live there but now, not so sure. Does anyone know how SHYC did? We wish everyone there well, so sorry for your losses.

  7. the shores are a mess with sewer smells etc. septic tanks overflowed
    into basements, crawl spaces and the ground around neighboring

    sorry for the property owners that will see property values in free fall.
    someone said the new sewer pumps failed without power.

  8. the town should have a normal pumping station with diesel backup
    power on saugatuck shores. some residents think its foul to have one but
    it will prove necessary over time. maybe somewhere on the island would be the best location.