No Decision Yet On Schools

Despite news reports that Westport schools are opening Monday, no decision has yet been made.

According to a message sent last night by superintendent of schools Elliott Landon, and repeated on the “snow line” (203-341-1SNO):

As of late today, Friday, November 2, electrical restoration and tree crews have been working diligently to restore power to the entire Westport community. Nonetheless, 3 of our 8 schools continue to be without power. Until I can be assured that all blocked roads are open and electricity has been restored to all of our schools, I cannot announce with certainty when our school system will be operating normally.

It is my hope and expectation that we will be able to open all schools on their regular schedules on Monday morning. However, I will not be able to make that decision until sometime over this coming weekend.

As soon as I know that our children can be transported safely to each of our schools and that full power has been restored to all schools, I will communicate with you via email, telephone and our emergency telephone line, 203 341-1766.Thank you one and all for your patience during this difficult time. The safety and well-being of our children and staff is our number one priority.

Well, we do know this: Schools were planned to be closed on  Tuesday. It’s Election Day. (Remember that?)

And then there’s the nor’easter bringing heavy rain and possibly snow on Wednesday…

5 responses to “No Decision Yet On Schools

  1. Elliott Landon

    Thanks, Dan. This is very helpful.

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  2. Thanks Dan, I was wondering why the Patch would announce the opening of Westport schools, yet we hadn’t heard from Mr. Landon!
    Still VERY Chilly Lady

  3. Dan,

    Do you know of any westport churches, etc., that are accepting donations of clothing to help people displaced by the storm? Thanks paul

  4. John McCarthy

    “We don’t need no education!” Amazing no comments on The Wall video clip. Thanks for the levity in this serious time.