Unlucky Duck

Gina Benarek took this photo around 11:15 this morning.

The Black Duck’s many fans hope it will prove as adaptable in water as its namesake.

9 responses to “Unlucky Duck

  1. No No No
    Not THE DUCK !

    Dan, put all these photos together, sell em and buy 06880 a generator.

  2. You go girl! What were you doing down there anyway?

  3. What do you expect from a “dive” bar??

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    Not the DUCK!!

  5. This is a funny pic of this dive bar called the a black Duck which is very popular here. It is a barge in the Saugatuck River and I think their parking lot frequently floods, certainly today.

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  6. Just heard it came loose…can anyone confirm??

  7. Never mind…I guess they said it on channel 22, but the owner called in to say it wasn’t true.

  8. Some yearas ago, my rowing partner, Larry Gilman, a regular Duck patron, an instructor at Norwlk CC and Owner of an Engineering firm, secured the bottom hull of the Duck by placing dry cement bags throughout. She ain’t goin’ nowhere with that ceement base.