The Berm Holds!

Betsy Phillips lives near Compo Beach. She sends this report:

The berm held thru first storm surge! What a great idea.

Waiting for midnight…

And this photo:

8 responses to “The Berm Holds!


    Berm did not hold by me

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    A few pics on showing the berm DID NOT hold. Doubt they photoshopped it 😉

  3. The berm failed between Norwalk and Fairfield Avenues. With all due respect this picture shows the break.

  4. Next thing you know the kooks will blame Sandy on global warming. Oops they already are:
    and if Obama happens to lose, Sandy will be the cause of that too.

  5. Silly, you know that Sandy is Bush’s fault!

  6. The berm held up to Danbury ave until just after high tide.

  7. That’s great! The worst of the storm had not even arrived, sending prayers for tonight.

  8. Fairfield constructed acutally a really nice wall on Penfield Beach. Got the job done. Maybe take notes.