The View From Downtown

Just after 12 noon, the winds still have not yet grown fierce. It has not yet started to rain.

But here are 2 views of downtown — Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza — courtesy of Beth Carter. This is definitely a storm to worry about.

5 responses to “The View From Downtown

  1. This is not boding well for Westport. You are a busy man today, Dan. Keep us posted as you are able to. Nothing is happening in Wallingford at all, and everything was canceled today.

  2. Thanks. I’ll keep posting as long as I have power. After that, I won’t be able to. I’m not high-tech enough here in “06880” central.

  3. FYI…for anyone who cares, Stew Leonards is still open as of 12:45 as well as CVS and Planet Pizza. And of course Sherwood Diner. They were busy! Most everything else along RT 1 is closed.

  4. John McCarthy

    Westport Pizza was open as of 45 minutes ago

  5. Just out and about. Walgreens (Sherwood Isl Conn) is open as well as Cumbys (no gas). Diner now closed. All roads open around North, Long Lots, Roseville, Cross Hwy. We’ll see how long that lasts.