The View From Soundview

As of a few minutes ago, the newly constructed berm at Compo Beach looked like this:

(Photo/Dan Hoffman)

9 responses to “The View From Soundview

  1. I remember something akin to this in 1958 or 59……

  2. I think it was 1955. We were living in Rowayton at the time, and our dad took us out in a rowboat to survey the neighborhood.

    • It was 55. We were living on Norwalk Avenue and the water came in through the back by the yaught club and up over the wall. I still have my Grandmother’s furniture that shows the water damage. We were evacuated by row boat. I was 2.

  3. Shelter at long lots has 51 guests. And about the same number of volunteers

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  4. Hmmm…guess it wasn’t engineered so well. Who approved that permit?

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    This is our local beach… praying for it to be there tomorrow, and all the beach houses as well.

  6. Thumbs McGillicuddy on the scene…