The View From Saugatuck Shores

Photo taken from a back window of a house on Spriteview Road, looking at what used to be Canal Road…

7 responses to “The View From Saugatuck Shores

  1. Holy Cow!!!

  2. The anticipated 11-foot wall of seawater is going to change things a bit. Most of the some 100 households on the island have been evacuated…

  3. Oh, boy!! Looks like trouble.

  4. Babette d'Yveine

    Is that because of Frankenstorm or the high tide? Or both?

  5. Any full-moon tide would put Canal Road under, but not anyone’s back yard. The telling photo will be at low tide when the water has not receded like it should. This looks worse than Dec ’92 or Irene. Most homes on the Island have been raised above the 100-year level, but tonight’s flooding could test that. When I lived there, I never recommended evacuation, but this time I would go – the raw flood levels are awe inspiring, in a bad way.