You Know Things Are Serious When…

Public Works builds an enormous berm at Compo Beach…

…and Elvira’s battens down the hatches.

(Photos courtesy of Elvira’s Deli)

10 responses to “You Know Things Are Serious When…

  1. Just drove by the beach and it is eerily quiet. Most houses dark with residents evacuated. Sandbags up all over driveway entrances. Very odd environment.

  2. Let’s just hope their is more hype and hope,than hurricane!

  3. How does the Town tear up the entire beach without concern for wetlands conservation? I can’t drop a leaf in my wetlands without someone having a hissy-fit. This is just one more example of the Town putting heavier restrictions on private property owners than on town-owned properties.

  4. How dare they tear up those beautiful dunes? Oh wait, we dont have any dunes. They just pushed around some sand to protect lives and property. Sounds more than reasonable.

    • It is also more than reasonable for me to create berms in my wetlands to protect my life and my property. But I would get all kinds of wetland conservation violations/fines from the folks at Town Hall.

  5. I can’t help but be impressed with the big berm they built at Compo. I also can’t help but realize that a storm surge brings the water up all around, in the harbor and up the river – we’ll see if the berm at the beach helps, but it is pretty awesome.


    Was at the beach and the water was at the base of the sand hill built today by Kowaski Brothers.. Took a picture but it was way to dark… Jeb Backus

  7. Sven Davidson

    Sunday afternoon around 1:30 at Compo Beach. Two guys with pickup truck filling sandbags at the westernmost edgo of South Beach. Several people nearby watching. I drove by in my car, but what they were doing didn’t register with me until I’d already driven out of Compo. Angry with myself and ashamed that I didn’t go back and challenge them about taking sand from the beach when the Town had offered sand at the Transfer Station.

    • The town ran out of sand yesterday at the transfer station. They still had bags and were advising people to fill them at the beach.

  8. everyone be safe. Sorry to have sent our Florida weather to you.