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The End Of Elvira’s?

Rumors have long swirled that Elvira’s would be sold.

But year after year, the deli across from Old Mill has served beachgoers, bicyclists, joggers and walkers, alongside builders, masons, lawn guys and deliverymen who happened to be in the area.

Most importantly, it served as a neighborhood center. It was the market equivalent of “Cheers.” Families ran monthly tabs. Stacey and her family — the owners — looked out for all the kids, and displayed their school photos at the counter.

Elvira’s was closed for most of the winter though.

On Friday, there was sudden activity.

A group of people huddled inside. Outside, someone took photos.

This weekend, equipment — including the entire center section, which held chips, candy, bread and more — was removed.

Word on the street (Hillspoint Road and Compo Hill) is that the building and/or business was sold. However, no sale has yet been recorded at the town clerk’s office.

Is Elvira’s gone? Will new owners remodel — or tear it down, and build a private home?

All was quiet today. There was no one inside. Repeated phone calls brought only a busy signal.

Stay tuned. “06880” will keep you updated on this iconic, important Westport landmark.

Inside Elvira’s, earlier today. (Photo/Matt Murray)

You Know Things Are Serious When…

Public Works builds an enormous berm at Compo Beach…

…and Elvira’s battens down the hatches.

(Photos courtesy of Elvira’s Deli)