The End Of Elvira’s?

Rumors have long swirled that Elvira’s would be sold.

But year after year, the deli across from Old Mill has served beachgoers, bicyclists, joggers and walkers, alongside builders, masons, lawn guys and deliverymen who happened to be in the area.

Most importantly, it served as a neighborhood center. It was the market equivalent of “Cheers.” Families ran monthly tabs. Stacey and her family — the owners — looked out for all the kids, and displayed their school photos at the counter.

Elvira’s was closed for most of the winter though.

On Friday, there was sudden activity.

A group of people huddled inside. Outside, someone took photos.

This weekend, equipment — including the entire center section, which held chips, candy, bread and more — was removed.

Word on the street (Hillspoint Road and Compo Hill) is that the building and/or business was sold. However, no sale has yet been recorded at the town clerk’s office.

Is Elvira’s gone? Will new owners remodel — or tear it down, and build a private home?

All was quiet today. There was no one inside. Repeated phone calls brought only a busy signal.

Stay tuned. “06880” will keep you updated on this iconic, important Westport landmark.

Inside Elvira’s, earlier today. (Photo/Matt Murray)

14 responses to “The End Of Elvira’s?

  1. Polly Temple

    This is such sad news!

  2. Well, hoping for the best Dan. It said open in Spring, but the delay since then is ominous. I really don’t know how they can stay open without some sort of outside influx of cash besides sales. May the Ghost of Grubs help them.

  3. K.F. Spearen

    This is such a Shame , even though I didn’t shop their much … Closing this will really effect those who live in the area , including all of the contractors who relied on Elvira’s

  4. I was really hoping to go there in a couple of weeks. But, if they have finally sold it, I wish the entire family all the best in their retirement and future endeavors.

  5. Susan Iseman

    I hope it will remain a small market – it would be a shame if it goes the way of the restaurant across the street.

  6. Kevin McCaul

    I can see an independent coffee shop thriving in this spot for a long time to come.

  7. Tom Feeley Sr

    My money is on Starbucks ‼️🇺🇸

  8. Carmine Picarello

    Here’s an idea: The town should condemn the property and take it by eminent domain. List it as historic and lease it for 1 dollar per year to anyone that will maintain it for what it is. This involves keeping it up to code and maintained as a viable structure satisfying health and fire codes. The town has done this with other properties, it can do it here to preserve whats left of the Old Mill Community. Remember Allen’s Clam House, Cafe De la Plage, The Penguin?

    • Great idea. Unfortunately, we shouldn’t hold our breath. Town wants the tax revenues.

    • Joshua Stein

      can you please elaborate how this would be possible? condemnation, eminent domain, and listing as a historical structure are three different things. old structures need not satisfy new health and fire codes unless they are being renovated a certain way or re-built. taking someone else’s property and letting someone else use it for $1 sounds ridiculous. would love to hear more details about allen’s clamhouse, etc, and what happened. thanks

    • Captain Jeff Northrop

      The town has a gleeful history of destroying anything historic. I can’t think of anything they have saved, maybe the Historic Society?

  9. At anything near the original asking price of 3.5 million, no store of any kind, in that location, could survive….doubtful that any retail outlet is planned.

  10. Maybe we can support Joey’s by the shore to be open for a longer season and carry some grocery items?