Elvira’s To Open; Westport Rejoices

It’s a beautiful spring day.

And here’s some news to make Westport even sunnier.

I just spoke with Elvira’s. They want to put everyone’s fears to rest.

They’re sprucing up the interior. There are some changes coming — and a nice surprise or two.

But Elvira’s deli/market/community center will open this spring. The target date is Memorial Day.

See you there!


16 responses to “Elvira’s To Open; Westport Rejoices

  1. Audrey Doniger


  2. As they used to say on those old NBA commercials, that’s fannntastic!

  3. K.F. Spearen

    Hip Hip Hooray …….

  4. Doris Skutch

    Hooray 🎈🎈🎈!

  5. Westport rejoices? Is this the second coming?

  6. Merideth Haas

    Terrific news!!

  7. Polly Temple

    Great news!

  8. Dermot Meuchner

    As long as she’s in black , I’m cool.

  9. Kevin McCaul

    I can picture Kenny Montgomery doing the happy dance!

  10. Maybe they’ll even sell some staples that are not the junk food that has made up the total dry good and drink inventory of the past.

  11. YAY- They make the BEST Tuna roll up around! Perfect lunch for a Mill Pond beach day.

  12. Roberta Tager

    Great news💕🎈‼️

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  13. Priscilla Hawk

    Other good news – Positano, the former neighboring restaurant, is going strong in a beautiful building next to Westport Country Playhouse. Same family – wonderful food. Wes and Pris Hawk