Hey, At Least It’s Not a Bank, Nail Salon Or Marijuana Dispensary!

Let’s welcome this new business to Westport.

It just opened across from New Country Toyota on the Post Road — between Calise’s Market and Torno Lumber.

The Lice Treatment Institute shares space with a “Psychic Reader and Advisor.” Perhaps she could tell her clients to maybe avoid sending their kids to that upcoming sleepover…

9 responses to “Hey, At Least It’s Not a Bank, Nail Salon Or Marijuana Dispensary!

  1. I wonder if the Hair Genie could do anything about developers who intentionally target local historic districts for destruction. Perhaps some sort of rinse and repeat type solution?

  2. Amy Hochhauser

    Or another fitness studio… 😉

  3. Believe it or not, this is one of many lice franchises. If you’re in the mood to “hatch” a new business, you can also buy into The Lice Squad, The Lice
    Place, Lice Clinics of America, Center for Lice Control, Lice Lifters and Lice Treatment Center.

    Surprisingly, no one’s using my favorite name: “A Lousy Business.”

    (No offense to our new neighbor on Post Rd. E.; I am using the name literally, not figuratively.)

  4. Cristina Negrin

    You wouldn’t want to be seen walking in there!

  5. Elizabeth Thibault

    With the number of notifications we get sent from the schools, I think they probably are going to do some pretty good business. An hour of removal service runs $75.

  6. Danny! And what, exactly, is the problem with a marijuana shop?