A Cruel Trick (No Treat)

A friend told me about a 3-year-old boy down the street.

For weeks, he’s been looking forward to Halloween. It’s all he’s talked about. He had his costume and everything.

Now — for the 2nd year in a row — it looks like the holiday may be canceled.

Think of it: 2/3 of all his Halloweens might be snatched from his little hands.

At this rate, he’ll believe in Santa Claus a lot longer than in trick-or-treat.

Long ago, children dressed up in costumes on Halloween, and went door to door asking for candy. Those were the days!

2 responses to “A Cruel Trick (No Treat)

  1. Politicians should stay out of Halloween.

    Except to give away candy 🙂

  2. Maybe the kid is Jewish so the Santa Claus issue is a non-issue…..