It’s Baaaaack!

In June, alert reader Scott Witkin noticed some activity on the tiny patch of land adjacent to Mansion Clam House and Bridge Street.

He watched in amazement as a 4-person DOT crew methodically rolled out a 60-inch mower, 2 weed whackers and a backpack blower — all to cut what Scott figures is less than 100 square feet of grass.

We shouldn’t have laughed.

Another alert reader — one who prefers to remain anonymous — says the plot has not been touched since June.

It used to be nicely maintained, with the old boat planting bed and grass cut regularly. It now seems to be going to rot. I’m guessing by your earlier post that it’s state property, since the crew that opens the bridge were spotted cutting it. It’s almost a little bit like a town green down in Saugatuck.

Perhaps you could raise a little awareness and see if local merchants would maintain it? I thought I had heard that the guys at Westport Wash and Wax are responsible for cutting the median grass on Post Rd East in front of their shop to keep things looking good.

Any takers?

9 responses to “It’s Baaaaack!

  1. Westporter since 1970

    The crew that opens the bridge is deployed from the route 136 bridge in Norwalk. The comments in the earlier post seemed to criticize the state for doing the work.

    Maybe those who commented in the previous post could pick up the slack, get over there with some tools (the way Als Angels does the lights in Nov and Dec) and post a modest sign attributing the care to followers of 06880danwoog?

  2. Why doesn’t Mansion Clam House get involved?

  3. Soozi Folsom - owner, Mansion Clam House

    Mansion maintained the property from 2007-2010 when we were sent a cease and desist letter. Apparently the state was worried we would claim adverse possession. Last year the state mowed every week. This year I had to beg the bridge workers to cut it. I call The State DOT maintenance every week (203-227-7692) and beg for it to be maintained. I have had no luck.

    • Move Forward

      Has to be a “hostile” use to be adverse possession right?

      It doesn’t make sense…

  4. FYI- The Kowalsky Family has been maintaining the grass median from McDonalds to Bertucci’s free of charge and with No Fan Fare, for the past 2 years.

  5. Soozi Folsom, Owner-Mansion Clam House

    After posting I again called the State DOT and asked for the supervisor. We spoke at length and he could think of two reasons for a cease and desist. 1) There was bridge work and they didn’t want the laibility or 2) and I quote…”Someone had an irrating hair up their ass” He verbally revolked any order and we came to an agreement. His crew and their big ass mowers will take care of the parcel later this weekto get it manageable, we (Mansion) will then commit to maintaining weekly. Onward and Upward

  6. Way to go Soozi – great follow through,
    we love Mansion Clam house, see you soon