Trashing Downtown

The Downtown Merchants Association can’t do much about the same-old, same-old mix of (mostly women’s clothing) chain stores. It can’t instantly turn Main Street into a hip, cool destination.

But it can clean up garbage.

There are already trash receptacles downtown. Some people find it easier to dump garbage right next to them.

According to Westport Patch, the DMA recently purchased 5 new trash cans, and 2 cigarette receptacles, for the area. The total cost was $4,200.

They’ll be “strategically placed” downtown, in areas where people congregate. That includes Parker Harding Plaza by the river, and near benches.

That’s interesting — and necessary. Between workers on cigarette breaks and shoppers who casually leave coffee cups wherever they please, the supposedly high-end area often looks scruffy.

But the money quote belongs to Stephen R. Desloge, president of the DMA.

“It’s a challenge to find out who is supposed to clean up downtown,” he says.

A challenge? The answer is simple:

All of us.

24 responses to “Trashing Downtown

  1. Those trash cans must be made out of platinum.

  2. I’ve often wondered why there are no recycling receptacles downtown (as I watch people throw water bottles into the trash). Anyone know?

  3. A garbage can either at the entrance to longshore on Compo or near the minute man sure woul dhelp to eliminate the bags of dog poo that people leave around the beach area but at $1000 a pop I sort of get why they are distributed so infrequently

  4. Each merchant should be responsible for its own frontage. Same as with snow removal. They can either agree to do it individually or pay someone collectively to walk the street with a small broom and a pick up basket on a stick. Make them pay a fine (Correction: TAX) if they are found to be trashy. πŸ™‚

    When I’m Mayor, all will be fixed!

  5. @Mayor2B, can you run in Norwalk! I am with you 100%! It really comes down to individuals and businessses stepping up to the plate and taking some accountability. As a mother of two, I teach my children to always recycle and put garbage in the garbage cans. They often see others throw out their cigarette butts on the road while walking, not pick up after their dogs, and I have to tell you its disgusting! Many of these folks have some really bad habits and its appalling to see Americans take care of their country in this manner.

  6. When I worked at Susan Sheilds in the mid-80’s, part of my responsiblity was to sweep the store front. I think that may be one of the differences of having a store owner in the store as a mom and pop, as opposed to having a corporately owned store. There was a bit more pride. I also think my generation was a bit more acceptable of sweeping the street πŸ˜‰ This is a general statement, there are, of course, exceptions! I hope we can keep Westport clean … it’s a beautiful place!! Commercial trash cans/receptacles are pricey! They can be in the $600 range and then there are charges for extras like cigarette receptacles. I sometimes have to purchase them for properties, so know they can get pricey!

    Have a great day!!

  7. Maybe that future pile of garbage on the ground was what the black-and-white boy without a bike was running away from in the 1940s…

  8. Each building/landord should be responsible for keeping their own sidewalk area clean on a daily basis or they get fined. You’ll need strict enforcement from the town. It helped in NYC back in the 80s!

  9. Mom & Pop had pride. Clerks have a low paying, extra discounts job. Huge difference.
    CORRECTION to my earlier post…the Town can enforce regulations upon the landlords, not the merchants. They could send letters, do lots of things, have the RTM take up the issue, publish the filthy landlords / stores on WestportNow (ha ha). But they don’t. Why not?

    When I’m Mayor, all will be fixed! πŸ˜‰

  10. Eric Buchroeder

    Good thing they don’t have a Mayor in Westport.

    • They don’t have a leader either. Bad Thing.

      • Eric Buchroeder

        Agree leadership is always a plus and sounds like you’re available. Good thing?

        • Hey Eric,
          It’s $400,000+ for the term. Better than a Walmart Greeter. πŸ™‚

          • So, less than 100 grand a year to put up with the residents of Westport – a vociferous bunch of entitled complainers (myself included). Seems like a bargain to me.

          • Eric Buchroeder

            Walmart greeter is not a long-term career. After Walmart has eliminated 100% of their competition they will eliminate the greeters to put more money to the bottom line. Stick to politics or cockroaches which will always have a future.

            • Or as L Ron Hubbard said:
              “if you want to make real money, start a religion.”

              And he did: Scientology. He made the whole thing up…science fiction!

  11. OK…so I was downtown yesterday and was dismayed at the way Main Street looked. At the beginning of the road there are several dead trees, underneath the trees are weeds, patches of grass and a few pebbles. There is nothing inviting or attractive about this area. I won’t even discuss the courtyard with that unsightly billboard with lots of pieces of paper tacked to it. Get rid of it! You would never know that this is an affluential town whose downtown borders the water. The street is dirty and unattractive. thecoperation

  12. Nancy Powers Conklin

    $4,200 for 5 new trash cans and two cigarette receptacles??? Only in Westport!!

  13. It has been a long time since I visited an outdoor Disney theme park, but one thing always struck me: they were spotless. I believe the availability of trash receptacles and peer pressure kept them that way. We seem to have covered the issue of receptacles, now lets go after that peer pressure

  14. In the Army, if your company area isn’t spotless, your ass is grass.

    The 3 Rules:
    1. If it moves, shoot it.
    2. If it doesn’t move, pick it up.
    3. If you can’t pick it up, paint it white.

    Unfortunately, most of today’s politicians have deferred themselves out of military service, so they are mostly wimps. Wimps ALWAYS have dirty unkempt areas cause the employees ain’t scared of any consequences.

  15. Next step, a bicycle lane. Please?

  16. Who deposits the trash? The merchants? I don’t think so. The problem lies with those who frequent the area. BTW trash is widely distributed throughout Westport. It must be something in the water.

  17. melody james

    Around 1959 or 1960 students at Bedford JR HIGH (old Staples, on Riverside Ave) organized a clean up Saturday, brought brooms and cleaned downtown. It was fun, it was helpful (though we probably stirred up a lot of dirt during prime time shopping) but down town was more of an active hub with diverse stores (a grocery, a gas station, two book stores ETC.) Fond memory of community spirit and activity!