Stonehenge By The Sound

Okay. I’m not crazy.

A couple of months ago, I took my 1st walk of the season from the beach to Elvira’s. On Hillspoint Road — from Schlaet’s Point almost to the big house with the US, Connecticut and Texas flags — I noticed a dozen or so oddly shaped rock slabs. They stuck up, vertically, from all the others.

I wondered if they were new. Nah, I said to myself. Can’t be. They look like they’ve been there forever. I can’t believe I never saw them before.

Besides, I continued (to myself), if someone just put them there, someone else would have mentioned it.

I hadn’t heard anything, from anyone.

And I never did

Until this week.

Alert “06880” reader Tom Feeley emailed:

Who made the decision to install the “Stonehenge pillars” along Hillspoint? Were there too many cars catapulting over the edge into the Sound?

Aha! I was right!

Someone did sneak them in.

The questions are:

  • Who did it?
  • Why did they do it?
  • Why hasn’t anyone said anything yet?

If you’ve got a clue (or even if you don’t), click “Comments.”

17 responses to “Stonehenge By The Sound

  1. Jamie Walsh

    Could it be life imitating art…after all…stone stacked sculptures along that stretch have popped up, creatively mind you, over the years. Maybe it was the inspiration for public works to erect them in such a manner so that others might be encouraged to stack stones… although you might need to bring along your own hoist rig to place the larger stone required to make a meaningful stone statement. It could be the new location for a makers faire for stone stacking. Just think…classes in stone stacking could be held there…after all…there are enough stones for it…think of all the creative possibilities…limitless!

    • Maybe the Maker Space at the Library could have as its next feature, classes in stone-stacking. The double-doors at the Library are wide enough to handle the big stones.

    • Art Knocker

      I once saw a 2-year-old almost get hit in the head by a falling stone stack sculpture that he toppled. Since then, I always knock those stacks down if they are placed anywhere that is accessible to children.

  2. It's only rock n' roll, but I like it

    My wife asked me the same thing last week, having not read anything about them on 06880, I said, ” no, they were there”.
    I guess I was wrong, thanks Dan! 🙂

  3. It certainly doesn’t enhance the view of the Sound, and probably increased the cost. It was done after the sidewalk was damaged bu Huricane Irene. Perhaps the Government made us do it?

  4. Wendy Crowther

    I noticed them there for the first time when I went for my first walk along that stretch during the week of July 4th. That area was very damaged during the storm last fall (the sidewalk buckled and washed into the road and a few portions of the stone bulkhead were undermined). It IS interesting that there have been no comments prior to this. Perhaps the repair plan was an attempt to make the edge more visible to those who might speed by in some impaired state. I have to admit that like the way it looks, although my thoughts went to gravestones rather than Stonehenge. Either way, it’s lots better than some sort of Jersey barrier idea.

  5. Love them! The reason nobody is mentioning it is because no one has a problem with them. And the whole rock landscape has been re-done. notice that the real body of rocks are in a flat less contoured state. it used to be jagged pointed rocks of irregular topography.

  6. Let’s rename that short stretch “Stonehedge Drive.”

  7. Sheree Purcell

    I love it too! I think it is much more artistic and interesting to look at!

  8. Lisa Shufro

    Would it be too straight forward to just call the relevant departments at Town Hall (Public Works, Engineering) and ask what they know about it? It looks like it would take some heavy equipment to secure them in position. Not something a lone prankster could pull off under the cover of night with a sand shovel and pail.

  9. Jonas Shapiro

    I blame it on the New Yorkers.

  10. Hengepoint Road resident :)

    Before Irene hit, there were stones positioned in similar ways. My grandson would specifically climb to the top of each stone along the way to Compo. Post Irene those major stones didn’t really change but obviously the asphalt sidewalk and the stones along the wall down to the water were pushed all around. It was the contractor that redid that section that replace the smaller stones and created the large stones as they stand now (I think we should call it “Hengepoint Road” in that section. 🙂 I think the stones are too tall for my grandson to go up and down them anymore. Maybe the contracting crew thought they would add some artistic value (no charge!).

  11. No clue, but curious!

  12. Live by the Beach

    I drove by every day, several times a day, when they were putting those in. It definitely took some heavy equipment…. Weird shape, hope they are useful… I liked the way it looked before. But the sidewalk is much improved since Irene…

  13. Denning Chambers

    I seriously doubt the configuration of these stones point to an eclipse or a solstice – interesting yes but not stonehenge- esoteric no-
    Denning McCleery