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Stonehenge By The Sound

Okay. I’m not crazy.

A couple of months ago, I took my 1st walk of the season from the beach to Elvira’s. On Hillspoint Road — from Schlaet’s Point almost to the big house with the US, Connecticut and Texas flags — I noticed a dozen or so oddly shaped rock slabs. They stuck up, vertically, from all the others.

I wondered if they were new. Nah, I said to myself. Can’t be. They look like they’ve been there forever. I can’t believe I never saw them before.

Besides, I continued (to myself), if someone just put them there, someone else would have mentioned it.

I hadn’t heard anything, from anyone.

And I never did

Until this week.

Alert “06880” reader Tom Feeley emailed:

Who made the decision to install the “Stonehenge pillars” along Hillspoint? Were there too many cars catapulting over the edge into the Sound?

Aha! I was right!

Someone did sneak them in.

The questions are:

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